05 June 2012


Both our children like to build things while we enjoy our read alouds, Daisy likes to create with the Sylvanian Families (a post on that another time) and Bobs likes to use Lego.
Bobs decided he'd take his read aloud time creation to the next level, and really work on it to enter the piece, above, into a Lego competition.
He was very happy to win for our district, and will receive a voucher to spend on ..... more Lego.
He guesstimated he used pieces from about 40 different sets of Lego and it took him around 75 hours of work to build this 'piece' (we moved his Lego piece, I think it's called the Tower Mine,  into his bedroom so that I could  just walk past his doorway and ignore the Lego fungus that took over his bedroom!!!!!!!!   It wasn't too bad, more like organised chaos).

 He did have a little fun moving the entire structure from his room into the dining room, and then trying to reassemble so Dn could take some pictures.

There is alot of detail around the Tower site that you can't really  see in a few photos, but I've tried to include some to give those that may be interested () a bit of a look at some of that detail.


Anonymous said...

Now that is some piece of Lego. Nice work "Bobs"

reader19 said...

Wow! That is a masterpiece!!! Way to go--that is incredible!

Chelle said...

Thanks Eliz, and, reader19!
Appreciate you each leaving a comment.

(I think he did a good job too, but then I am his mumma ☺ )