31 May 2012

28th May ~ Our Week Ahead

This was our line up for this week, and we've managed to achieve a good chunk of it:

Bobs: to work steadily through more of the Algebra course on Khan Academy.  He's doing really well with LOF, Advanced Algebra, so we'll continue with that.
On free-Friday, Bobs wants to go through some of Sal Khan's finance lectures... for fun.

Daisy: Continue to work through some more lessons in MMM, she'd rather just do her LOF, Goldfish, book but needs the extra computation practice MMM gives.  I've been switching her between some Khan courses and MMM - which seems to give her math time more sparkle.
She really enjoys Math-it and will use that on free-Friday.

Daisy has 1 more lesson to complete in her AAS book, and Bobs has 3 in his. 
They are aiming to have those done tomorrow as mastered, and completed,  lesson books generate take out pizza for tea.

(which ds calls Grandma because RnS has a very old fashioned flavour.)
Complete a lesson each day (4 each this week).
Both children like these grammar texts.

Writing With Skill
I think Bobs is doing very well with this writing curriculum, which he's dubbed Writing that Kills (Sorry Susan ☺) 
I wonder if perhaps some of the secret to the success for him is that we are purposely keeping the lesson times shorter, no more than 40 mins, and that seems to ensure that the writing he generates is "fresher".  We just stop if it looks like the lesson is going to become an epic one, he stops at a place that is comfortable for him to pick it up again, the next day.

for the next 4 weeks: When the Roll is Called up Yonder

for the next 4 weeks: Antonin Dvorak
Unit 9 (1841-1904)

We're hoping, Daisy & I,  to camp down around some Russian Fairy Tales and Chinese Tales, I said Japanese somewhere else on the web ... those come later.

SOTW4 chapts 13 & 14
Builders of NZ pgs 128-131
(with our time focus being 1889-1896 and zeroing in on Russia and New Zealand)

SL books:
Mary Slessor SL5 (start)
Helen Keller R/A 3/4 (Daisy to complete)
The Terrible Wave R4 (Daisy - next reader .. might read this with her)
The Big Wave R5 (Bobs)
Tie-in Reader for Bobs: Helen Keller's Teacher

We should wrap up Maori and the Settler and then we have a few options to choose from.

Bobs is enjoying reading all the sequels to Wolves of Willoughby Chase (which is now a discontinued SL Core F title.  Thank goodness Susan Bauer includes lessons on it in Writing With Skill or I may have just ignored that book.)
It's nice to see him reading something other than non-fiction for free reading!!

Daisy's audio is The Wizard in Oz (again)
Her free reader (nearly finished) is Elsie at Roselands,  then she'll start Roller Skates (another discontinued SL title).


Susie said...

I love your format. I may try and copy some it (if you don't mind).


Chelle said...

Don't mind at all, you go for it!!

Sandra said...

Just found your blog and had a good belly laugh at "Writing that Kills". Around here it has been nicknamed "Writing with Stress"!

Chelle said...

@ Sandra .. laughing right back at your nick name for WWE ...
that is called "Writing with Hard" here.