01 May 2012

Proposed Week Ahead starting 31/04/2012

Family Read Aloud
Maori and Settler ~ G.A. Henty
Dn started reading this quietly to himself and was enjoying it so much, he decreed it as the next family RA {smile} …… Fanny Crosby ~ Heroes of Faith will have to wait

Science R/A to Bobs and Daisy
History Of Medicine ~ Tiner - SL Sci5

Bobs Readers
Explorer the World of Mathematics ~ Tiner
Black Hearts of Battersea ~ Aiken

Daisy’s Readers
Adopted Jane ~ Daringer
Shoes for Everyone -  discontinued SL RA 4

World History
SOTW 4, Chapt 8: Becoming Modern, and, Dvd; Bell – Telephone
SOTW 4 Chapt 9: Two More Empires, Two Rebellions, and,  Audio Book; Around the World in 80 Days - SL R5
(no story of the world history outlines this week as it’s an NZ history focus for us for a wee bit.)

New Zealand History
The NZ Wars ~ Calman ( End of the Wars, pg 43-44)
Illustrated History of NZ (Changing Ways of Earning, pg 56-61) This book is so PC, our family prefer Builders of NZ much more.

Both: Khan Academy, and, reading Murderous Maths books.
Daisy: continues with some lessons in Making Math Meaningful.

Bobs: WWS, RnS (grammar orally with mum), AAS rules
Daisy: WWE, RnS (grammar small amounts orally), AAS

Next Lesson in Apologia Human Anatomy.

No art this week.  Bobs is working on his World War II models, and Daisy is all geared for baking and sewing lessons with mum.

Continue with Visual Latin.  We've been a bit slack with this the last few weeks.

Music for the next month
Hymn: Pass me Not, O Gentle Saviour
Fanny Crosby’s Life and music (you tube clip notated on our SOTW4 schedule)
(I think I’ll have to toss up a notebooking page, that will work for us, to jot down some Fanny Crosby facts.)

Classical Composer: Tchaikovsky  - Unit 8 pg 31

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