16 April 2012

Our Week Ahead - 16/04/12

Here is our proposed, lite, week ahead - starting Monday 16 of April 2012
Family Read Aloud
The Testimony of Charlie Coulson (civil war theme)

My R/A to Daisy
The Runaway Settlers ~ Elsie Locke (NZ History)

Bobs' ReadersWolves of Willoughby Chase ~ Joan Aiken (WWS )
Exploring the World of Mathematics ~ Tiner (Math/History)

Daisy’s ReadersFreddy the Detective ~ Walter Brooks

World Historynone this week.

New Zealand & Australian Historynone this week.

MathBobs: Start LOF Geometry, do modules in Khan Academy
Daisy: LOF Farming, continue with MMM

L/AsBobs: WWS, RnS (grammar orally with mum), AAS rules
Daisy: WWE, RnS ( grammar some orally), AAS

ScienceDo a lesson in Apologia Human Anatomy, this week.
(We're waiting for our guinea pig sow to give birth any day, pretty exciting )

ArtNone this week - Bobs and Daisy are currently painting miniature figures for a world war display.

Latinnone this week.

Fine Arts for next 4 weeks
Hymn: What Friend we Have in Jesus ~ Scriven (Amazing Grace Bk pg56)
Composer: Stephen Foster.
Picture Study: none this week

Pretty lite sort of a week. The rest of the children's friends and associates are on school holidays and we're a week ahead of our learning schedule.
Once we get the scheduled learning done we're enjoying being delight led.

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