03 May 2012

Math - Change Around

Dn and I have had a change around in our math line up for Bobs.
Bobs has worked steadily, to around, 1/2 way through MMM: Principles from Patterns and found we were using Khan Academy more and more for the teaching videos to help us work through the problems in the MMM Algebra math text.
We've chosen to put MMM aside for a while and get Bobs to work through Khan Academy's videos and practice sessions and then perhaps reopen MMM and see how Bobs goes with David Quine's book.
The book is excellent, it is just a bit thin on detailed and ongoing instruction that, I feel, Bobs needs to cover some of the Algebraic processes.

So Bobs is a happy camper using Khan Academy, which has a points system for work completed, and he continues to delight in Life of Fred.
While we've used Khan Academy off and on for a few years, I haven't chosen to use the site as our main teaching component until now.
I'm feeling pretty contented too, having an "instructor" to assist me with higher level math again is very helpful. 
We tried math with an 'online instructor' before, using Teaching Textbooks,  and it was not a good fit for Bobs, yet Khan Academy seems to work.
The only down side to using Khan Academy with Bobs;  Daisy wants to switch over to that too

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