11 May 2012

Our Week - Started 7 May 2012

We’re well into Autumn here and it’s the time of year when I like us to be working diligently through our schedule.
If one can not have delicious summer days then .......there is something lovely about reading books while sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire place.

Family Read Aloud
Maori and Settler ~ G.A. Henty
(This is a really interesting book!  And just loaded with indepth NZ history.)
Prescribed audio: Around the World in 80 Days.

Mum's Friday house cleaning listen ☺  is Karen Savage reading  The Elusive Pimpernel.  She's such a skilled reader, we've enjoyed a few free reads by her
Karay is another free reading favourite.
I'm always on the look out for good free reads.

History Of Medicine ~ Tiner - SL Sci5
-The children are working through reading the next lesson in Apologia Human Anatomy.
-The last of our monarch butterflies has hatched and will be off to shelter somewhere.
-Our King Emperor moth has not emerged yet.
-The baby guinea pigs (cavies) are ready to go to their own homes (it's always hard to part with them, they are just so sweet).

Bobs Readers
Explorer the World of Mathematics ~ Tiner
John Paton: Sinking the Day Spring
Apologia Human Anatomy: Lesson 2
Lots of free reading titles

Daisy’s Readers
Elsie Dinsmore: Bk2   Elsie Holiday at Roselands
Apologia Human Anatomy: Lesson 2
LOTS!!!!!  of free reading titles.

Daisy listened to the first Elsie Dinsmore book on audio and really enjoyed it!  So she's picked up bk 2 in the series to enjoy as her next free reader.  I'm being gifted with    a.lot   of unprompted narration snippets ☺

World History
SOTW 4, Chapt 10: A Canal to the East and A Very Dry Desert
(no story of the world history outlines this week – it’s an NZ history focus moment for us.)

New Zealand History
Builders of New Zealand: NZ Depression (1880s) pgs 126-129
I wished they’d bring this book back into print!  It creates a spring board for some very indepth converations in our home. 

Both: LOF, Khan Academy , and reading Murderous Maths

Bobs has just finished LOF Geometry and really wants to have a go with Advanced Algebra …. I was really thinking I may end up needing to give him a break away from LOF for a while.
I wondered if he’s ready for that book? 
I found him quietly sitting at the table today working through LOF Advanced Algebra (it's Friday, and we don't have regular math schedule for today. At all. Ever!)  
Got to love LOF ☺ 
I'll mark the work on Monday and see how he's done.
He’s proved me wrong a time or 4 before, with things I didn't think he was ready for, so we’ll see.

Bobs: WWS, RnS (grammar orally with mum), AAS rules
Daisy: WWE, RnS ( grammar some orally/some written), AAS

Switching to Rod and Staff has been a good move for our family. They enjoy doing the books orally with mum (they read the content aloud to me) the lessons are short and each child seems to inject their own humour into the lesson.

No art this week. This aspect just seems to have fallen off our create a space - can do art
The children are currently building a "world' with all the old playmobil sets - it's all over the library lounge floor - which does make it hard to get to the book shelves, the couches, and the fire place .... a small price to pay for creativity.
Must do Visual Latin. (repeat to myself 10 times !!)

Music for the next month
Hymn: Pass me Not, O Gentle Saviour Saviour
Fanny Crosby’s Life and Music
Classical Composer: Tchaikovsky Unit 8 pg 31

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