27 August 2011

The French Revolution

While we work our way through our 6wk study of European Rediscovery of New Zealand we're also continuing on with Story of the World, Vol. 3 (at a lighter pace - audio C/s, maps and discussion) and our Sonlight Read Alouds.
Last week our SOTW topic was The French Revolution, an era of history that seems to generate a lot of interest in our home so we've gone back through favourite audio books:

~Les Miserable (audio - FOTF Radio Theatre)
~The Reign of Terror (audio - read by Jim Weiss)  This is Daisy's all time G.A Henty favourite.

I've added in another new, to Bobs and Daisy, audio book;
~A Tale of Two Cities (audio - abridged) for Daisy.  I don't like this version, it doesn't do the story justice.
~ A Tale of Two Cities (free audio - unabridged) for Bobs
Or here is a whispersync (free) kindle book & audio

Read a few books. For Daisy;
~A Tale of Two Cities (Usborne Reader)
~Redoubt the Man Who Painted Flowers This book influenced the background for Daisy's cut-n-craft to go with SOTW 3 Chapt 25, The French Revolution, & Marie Antoinette. Daisy has yet to colour the page in and glue Marie Antoinette on.
We've used pages 6 & 16 from this notebooking set ...... and here is the end result ☺ And for Bobs we're continuing to read aloud a new, to us, SL title;
~In Search of Honor 
While a very "good" book I enjoyed The Reign of Terror and Les Miserable more. (We have yet to enjoy listening to the unabridged version of Les Miserable - all 50 something hours of it - which we'll get to during our next cycle through world history).

ETA: For those looking for a free French Revolution Lapbook be sure to check out Have Fun -Live Life's blog spot and her daughter's fine creation: The French Revolution ~ Lapbook

ETAx2: We also enjoyed Karen Savage, at a slightly later date,  reading aloud The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Elusive Pimpernel , and, El dorado. To those unfamiliar with the story, it appears that the discord between Sir Percy & his wife will detract from the story - stick with it, as character and a committing love prevail.
Bobs didn't find it mushy or too romantic, which I thought he might.


rachaelnz said...

Hi Chelle :-)
We just did that chapter last week. I found a book called "The Man who Painted Roses" on trademe. I have been lapping it up this week. It may be suitable for my older girls (11 & 13), but I'll finish reading it first.

Chelle said...

We really are 'on the same page' then :)
Thanks for the book mention (for me) hoping our library may have it.

Anonymous said...

I'm following via google.
Keep posting your approach it is so good to see SL being done on the fly.