25 August 2011

Masterpiece Mondays

It may seem a little ambitious to start naming our art sessions this and though I typed the title a little tongue-in-cheek , I do think the work the children (& the mums) are having a go at are stretching us all to be more confident with mastering our own pieces of art.

We only have 2 lessons left to complete inside the Artistic Pursuits, book 2, that we have been using as a leaping off point in our lessons this year. This post is not about A.P but about our sketching lessons.

Since my end goal, for Bobs and Daisy, is to put the sketching side of our art time to work in future nature studies we've selected Draw New Zealand Birds, by Heather Arnold off our shelf to learn from.We have kereru visiting our garden regularly so I chose that bird for us all to try drawing first. We used some trace, copy, then outline techniques to get the outline of our birds down on paper - then straight to shading our New Zealand wood pigeons in. Daisy asked for assistance to get the feathered detail around her kereru's breast feathers. I was content to do that for her, at this stage, as continued pencil work can, sometimes, still be 'tough going'. Bobs was keen to sketch his bird, get it drawn fast, and go play the boardgame - Risk. When he saw what Belle (pict to be captured & uploaded later) and Daisy had created, the next day he sat down and worked on his sketch a little more (grin), see below.I've yet to capture & load mumB.K and Dan's sketches and place them here ...

It seems only fair that the children see me drawing too. I haven't sketched on a regular basis since my mum passed away, over 25 years ago, so those rusty old drawing muscles are having to work pretty hard on sketching Mondays (smile).


Chareen said...

Those are definately masterpieces ! Wow you all did so well.

Chelle said...

Thanks Chareen! We were ALL pretty contented with our efforts (especially those that, initially, struggle the most).