14 July 2011

Artistic Pursuits Bk2 ~ Project 21 (well, sort of)

It seems like it's time for us to put up another post that relates to our shared art time.

We're blessed to be able to explore art, co-op style, with another home educating family and as a group have just about completed the rest of Artistic Pursuits k-3, Bk 2 and I've included some pictures that we've birthed out of that book.

Watercolour - Primary colours and silhouettes, above.
I sort of, totally actually (smile), reinvented the lesson - Project 21: Watercolor Lift and we ended up creating the above works of art ..... Some of the techniques we ended up trying were pretty advanced for a younger art class, yet they all did so well.


Elizabeth said...

Nice to find your blog Chelle with so many useful sheets and ideas. I am a homeschooling mum just outside Port Macquarie, NSW. We are in the middle of SOTW 3 and Sonlight 7. Your notebooking pages are just what I'm looking for :-) What program do you use to put them together? How do you do lines and so many interesting borders and fonts?

Chelle said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I managed to catch your other comment/questions on this post - "New Zealand Stories or History Reader and Date Order Schedule" - hopefully my reply there will help some. :)


Julie said...

Nice! I am planning on using Artistic Pursuits book 2 next year with Core C. I love seeing everyone's art projects.

Chelle said...

we've really enjoy A.P 1 & 2. We enjoy looking at others work also, so I'll be popping over to seeing what your artists are creating.

Chelle :)

rachaelnz said...

I love your pictures! We haven't done any art for a while, it might be time to pull out the supplies again.

Chelle said...

Rachael, thanks for the encouraging comment. The children willingly put in a lot of effort to making their creations! and.....having another family do art with us every week ensures we keep "enjoying" art time