24 July 2011

A Heart Strangely Warmed By L. Vernon (alternate option ahead)

A little while back we read through A Heart Strangely Warmed, a Sonlight scheduled Core 7/H history read aloud.John Wesley's life/ministry has always interested me so I was pretty keen to dive into that book. Hold the "keen" Chelle. We ended up manfully (or womanfully in my case) plodding our way through the entire book.

I knew I'd read a John Wesley biography for children some years earlier that I'd enjoyed much more than the book SL recommends so I went scouting through our church library, found it, and came home with Horseman of the King: The Story of John Wesley by Cyril Davey.
Great book! The story line flows more smoothly, the writing style is just that much better to read out aloud, the book does not contain typos (like many of my posts do, grin, & AHSW does ) and the bonus ...... it's written to the same reading level as AHSW, ages 9-12 years.

If you're looking for a copy of Horseman of the King I found bookdepository has a really reasonably priced paperback copy, with free postage. Christianbook . com sadly don't stock it at all - yet.

I've read through the Benge's biography on Wesley and came away with a meh taste in my mouth ( I usually like Benge's books): that book made John Wesley come across as a womaniser - a mind set promoted by his Wesley's disgruntled, and fiercely jealous wife who did everything she could to damage his ministry and influence.  (Being married to a Wesley must surely have been a challenge without having a green eyed monster tossed in to wrestle with!)

Update 2015: We're about to go through a study at a deeper level of John Wesley and have chosen to use Christian Leaders of the 18th Century : John Wesley ~ J.C Ryle, and read through some of Wesley's own journal entries.  Wesley is such an important figure in (our) church history, that I do wish some one would write a *more accurate* biography for our youth to read... hopefully before we could read it during June 2015 ☺.

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