13 July 2011

30 Hideous and Hilarious New Zealand Historical Stories; New Zealand Stories or History Reader and Date Order Schedule

Hideous & Hilarious: 30 New Zealand Historical Stories
Edited By Barbara Else

We are using this book as a complimentary reader/read aloud during our ongoing study of New Zealand History.

(The book appears to currently be unavailable for purchase, new, but is still easily sourced for loan through a local, New Zealand, library.)

With the stories we've selected to use out of this book, the children are taking turns to read them out aloud to the rest of us.
Teaching notes, extras created by Raymond Huber,  can be found here.I've now (2015) placed our date order reading schedule over here, at dropbox.  (No need to sign up, just click on continue to document).

It's a general schedule for Barbara Else's book and we're referring to it as we go through each era of NZ history with our history spines, SOTW and Builders of NZ.

We won’t be reading Story 18 and for others that like to have a 'heads up' about a book someone else is using, you might like to know these extra details about the book:
Story 19 - Deals with the spiritual beliefs of the Maori.
Story 28 - Has a 'grandad's generation' curse word in it.
Stories 20 & 30 - Pre-read before handing to a sensitive younger child to read on their own.

I've received some rather eye popping suprises with a few of the books Sonlight chooses, so it's nice to know about content in a book before hand, means one can make a quicker choice to discuss, modify or skip some of the content, or, just toss a book and choose something else.

As a closing comment - the book has an informative set of historical notes to go with each story and a time line with accompanying illustrations that can be copied and pasted into a time line book :-) .


Elizabeth said...

I am a homeschooling mum just outside Port Macquarie, NSW. I found a link to your blog from the Sonlight forum. It looks like you have very similar ways of homeschooling - a literature approach with Charlotte Mason methods. We are currently on winter break but are using Core 7.
Thanks so much for the notebooking pages. It's something I want to do more of. What program do you use to create them? Where do you find all your beautiful borders and pictures? Elizabeth

Chelle said...

Hi Elizabeth thanks for stopping by, And for leaving a comment.
Creating notebooking pages is part of my 'mother craft' time (a craft that generates no mess :) ).
I use microsoft publisher and use google to source some free images and boarders, others are purchased through Dover (books & cd sets) - they have a great selection of clip art & etc.. that can easily be tossed into microsoft publisher.

Have fun creating your pages.
(They really seem to personalise the lesson times for us).

If we can help further, just send me a p.m through SL forums.


Chareen said...

Hi Chelle. I agree. I love your blog and the notebook pages are gorgeous. Your blog has inspired me to start one of my own =D

I don't always post comments but I stop by often.

Thank you for a great blog.

Chelle said...

Hi Chareen,
Thanks for you kind words of encouragement.

And very happy our ramblings have inspired you to start a blog. Yay! I love to read blogs that come from a 'downunder' influence :)
Off to visit after this.

& you're so welcome to stop by any time - the "welcome mat" is always out.

Julieanne said...

I just noticed that you signed into my website (Joy In Our Journey.com), and I'm already enjoying so much on your own blog! I spent my first five years of life in Auckland, and have always wanted to come back there from the States.

In the last six months, some of our close friends moved to Wellington; then, my father bought a vehicle from a family who was moving back to the Auckland area; and finally, new friends of ours have a brother and his family who live in Wellington. Makes the world seem so much smaller! Thank you for coming by to visit. I'm glad you did - or I wouldn't know about your delightful blog!


Chelle said...

it really is a small world, sometimes, isn't it.
I enjoyed reading your NZ connections :) .... and am so glad I stumbled across your blog!