29 June 2011

Notebooking Pages for George Washington's WORLD ~ Genevieve Foster

I've been trawling the internet for some notebooking pages that have been created specifically to go with Genevieve Foster's book, George Washington's World.

Nothing found, so far, though I was able find some lapbooks and a few generic notebooking pages for George Washington. A couple of those notebooking options can be found at Activity Village and Notebooking Nook , copywork for Washington's Civility Rules ....... and this squidoo lense lists other options for George Washington go alongs.

If you have found, or made George Washington notebooking pages that you'd like to share - please leave a link in the comments sections.

Asking on the Sonlight Forums didn't seem to pull anything to light, so I guess I'll have to carry on tossing together pages for the remainder of the book. We're using the images out of the book for our completed G.W.W's notebooking pages which means those pages can only be for our family's personal use.

I've popped our basic/generic notebookings pages that go with G.W.W up on dropbox, here are the links: (links repaired Dec 2105)
George Washington's WORLD - option 1~ Notebooking Pages includes timeline
George Washington's WORLD - option 2 ~ Notebooking Pages. Beneath are some visuals for how we're using the first set of those notebooking pages:Out of the 3 options for written work Bobs and Daisy both preferred the booklet. We scanned and resized the images by inserted them into microsoft publishers so the cover picture and both pages would match up for the booklet.
Along with writing about G.W, Bobs will be also be selecting one of the other people in this time period to write a brief overview about and Daisy will give a narration for me to play scribe to.

The world map that relates to each chapter in the book, sourced from Sonlight's Core 7/H instructors guides, once completed, is then trimmed and glued to the back of one of the above pages that the children elected to use for their copywork or written narration.
Above: We've cut out the time line figures, prescanned and resized in microsoft publisher, then placed them on our premade time line sheet.

The children presorted the figures into associated piles and then colour coded them accordingly; red-religion, purple-world leaders/royalty, yellow-music/arts, brown-inventors, green-explorers, blue-(future) US government.

All done - next chapter :0))


Anonymous said...

I just received my first box from Sonlight today! We are using Core H. When I tried searching the internet for resources I came across your post. How awesome! Thanks for sharing your work.

Sue M
Apopka, FL

Chelle said...

Sue, Oh Nice! Box days are wonderful & Core H/7 is a great core to being using - I sincerely hope you & yours enjoy using Core 7 as much as we are! I do tend to modify/reinvent cores, slightly, to suit us though (smile).
Thanks for the kind comments also .... hoping well bump in to you on the SL forums!
Blessings & smiles,

Anonymous said...

Do you have plans to do nb pages for Abraham Lincoln's World?

Chelle said...

We do have nb pages for ALW. If you have a look under the "our free pages" link at the top of our blog, you'll find the pages listed under Sonlight Core 7/H.

CINDY said...

Thanks for sharing. These are very nice. And especially thank you for showing how you use them. They look great!

Chelle said...

Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment Cindy.

SPKarenO said...

These links are bad, and I'd really love to have these printables. Are they still available somewhere else?

Chelle said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for letting me know. Much appreicated.
Usually bad links, that used to go to hslaunch for our personal freebies, have been repaired under our Free Pages tabs.
Our links, in this post, should work now.