26 June 2011

Accelerating Writing With Ease?

We're doing a more intensive writing program for 6th grade Bobs and we often get asked *how* we are going about accelerating Writing With Ease level 3 and level 4, so that we are covering the content in a year.

Maybe sharing here what we're doing may be of some help to others too.

Using the hardcover WWE text saves the day - I only pull out the teacher/student workbook if we need to 'pause for reflection' with an element that may require more coverage. Since we are practicing identifying the central elements continually, within our history spine and read alouds, I haven't concerned myself about using the WWE workbooks regularly, this year, for that with Bobs.
Story of the World allows that particular language arts muscle to be exercised regularly.
With the teacher's text I like to take note of the elements Susan lists to be covered in subsequent lessons, these are the elements listed after the ones she has laid out as prescribed lessons.
ie: pg 134, year three - weeks 12-19
proper nouns
helping verbs
direct objects following action verbs
state of being verbs and linking verbs
, and etc....
We then select our own reading passages that cover, or reviews, as many of those elements as possible. Some of the Writing With Ease style pages we create are stored over at hslaunch and show working examples of this.
I like Bobs to have a go at the passages and elements Susan has selected in the text so we cover those complete lesson, days 1-4, unless it is too easy for him, then I'll beef the selected dictation pieces up to match the level of work I know he should be able to do.

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