25 April 2015

Escape Across the Wide Sea ~ Notebooking Pages

French-Americans, and Slavery in the late 1600’s
I decided to update the links in this post created in 2011,  and blogger decided it needing republishing as a brand new post... 

Post from 2011
I started out using the bones of this post as our weekly Core 3(D) check in, but it’s not very core 3-ish, it smacks of Core 7, so I decided to pop it up here instead.

We’ve just started our next Sonlight Read Aloud,
Escape Across the Wide Sea by Katherine Kirkpatric, which is a Core 7 (H) book, and we’re all enjoying it – even though Dn is *butchering* all those the French words :)
I decided to throw together a few French history colour in sheet for Daisy, along with a mapping page (scanned out of the SL read aloud) and some notebooking pages for Bobs to use during language arts time. You can find them over at Dropbox :Escape Across the Wide Sea ~ Notebooking Pages
We’ve also listened through Prince Caspian, and The Silver Chair again, since both have a tie-in theme of slave trading or slavery, and any excuse is a good enough one to pull out the Narnia audio books for a re-listen .

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