20 April 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ Monday 20th April 2015

With the cooler weather settling in here we are starting to spend more time inside doing delight led crafts, which also means we start listening to a lot more audiobooks.
(If you're interested in browsing through our more recent lists of audiobooks, go to the two posts before this one ☺)
Crafts at the moment are plastic modelling for Jay, crochet for Daisy, and knitting for me.
A much loved friend from church took the time to teach Daisy, and one of her best friends, how to crochet ; so we are currently loom band freer ;)

Audible has just had their 50% off Spring sale (which ends on the 20th US time) and so we've made good on their sale and stock piled up on our audio options.
Both children have finally completed listening to 36 hours and 9 mins of Don Quixote, and they're feeling pretty pleased with themselves as it surely feels like an epic listen... I'm still lagging behind at the end of part 3.
I am looking forward to being back to scheduled learning again - lovely to have a change and a rest n regroup, but it'll be nice to be back into routine.

Our week ahead:
·       Bible
All: II Timothy 
Memorisation: Review scriptures learnt during 2014
·      History & Geography
Biblioplan Ch 9:  New England (Church, State, & The Sun King) pgs 228, 230-251a  (Tues – Thurs)
Mapping: The Seven Continents (Review)
·       Family
1: Read Aloud:
2:  Car time audio:  The Best of Our Island Story
3:  Book Basket:
ITTC ~ Cowan Milton- Paradise Lost 1667, Bunyan- Pilgrims Progress 1678, 1684, Pascal- Pensees 1670
4: Audio: The Dairy of Samuel Pepys: BBC Dramatisation (editing was required in some parts.  Pepys dairies can be raw and gritty in places. This man was not a bible adhering Christian!)  We ended up dropping this the content issues just got worse - riabld, bawdy, and detailed efforts to try and commit adultery.
· Daisy ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
1: History Reading:

FM of 16th & 17th Cent: Cromwell (1599-1658),   John Milton (1608-1674), Richelieu (1585-1642)
The Great House ~ Harnett (1690 England)
Madeleine Takes Command ~ Brill SL7 (1692 French in America)
2: Free Reading: still to decide
3: Audio Books:
And Daisy asked for the next two audios, as they are titles she’d like to go through but doesn’t really want to spend reading time on them – so they’ve become task time listens.

· Jay ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:

Screwtape Letters ~ Lewis
2: History Reading:
  FM of 16th & 17th Cent: Cromwell (1599-1658), John Milton (1608-1674), Richelieu (1585-1642) Master Cornhill ~ McGraw pt1 (SL6) (1665)
3: Audio: delight led
 Jay's decided he, too, will start the week listening to
Just William's Luck.  Just William stories are long held family favourites here ☺
Scaramouche ~ Sabatini (Read by Simon Vance)         
Procuring the free kindle edition over at amazon first mean audible listeners only pay $2.99 for this riveting story)

· English
1: Essentials in Writing, Level 8: Lesson 8 +
4: Word Up! Greek and Latin Roots (Episode 3: Earth)
1: Greenleaf Guide Yr 3 Lit (1550-1900) ~ Shearer
Lesson 7: Robert Herrick (1591-1674)
2: Essentials in Writing, Level 10: next lesson ;)
3: The Screwtape Letters Online Guide (selections only) wks 9-10

· Science (both)
Our 3 Emperor moths are now in their cocoons. And after checking the monarch caterpillars, we currently have at least 16 monarch chrysalides :)

Critter update:
Titus is now big enough, and strong enough, to go back out in to the 'wild' (& is too stroppy for us to have him at home in our back yard). This has always been our long term plan so we're contented for that to happen.
We have another turkey, a domesticated one, coming to take his place. Jay already has a name picked out for him ... I'll post his name up with a picture after he's had a chance to settle in here.


reader19 said...

I went to AUdible online, twice now, and it doesn't show it being on sale? I tried before we left for Dd's b-day and today, as we've returned...eck!
I've ordered our Word Up and can't wait to see it!
Off to see the next posting!

Chelle said...

First off:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Dd ♥☺♥

RE: audible sale .....That is disappointing Tracy!
(mustn't have meant to be :( )
They do have another 50% off sale near the end of the year too.
At the end of last year I had my wishlist purchases all set up, and then while the sale was on we were somewhere that I could not access the internet properly - so we missed out on audios I was hoping to have as Christmas stocking fillers, and for the start of our scheduled learning year.

Oo, nice!
Hoping you enjoy word up too. We use the extra links, detailed in another post, and are enjoy Greek and Latin roots this way.

reader19 said...

Hi Friend,
I got online on Monday, and did one of those 'chat with a person' things and did get our three month membership for half price, and did get the Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar on Kindle and then cheaper than normal as an audio...so it did work out, it just took me a few hours to put it all together! I will work on getting a Wish List together for the next sale! We started Word Up on Monday and Dd really likes it, and especially likes the extra links (and fun games) with the extra links. I'm still making her finish up our Prima Latina--even though it isn't her favorite. So glad you mentioned Word Up! She 'wants' to do it! That is big! Thanks for all your sharing! Sending you a big hug and homemade cinnamon rolls!