03 April 2011

Artistic Pursuits - Lesson 14: Project 14

I wanted our small art group to have more than one go with blending tempera paint for backgrounds.

So for the first run through we worked with blending just 2 colours, blue & white for the base for a collage type picture.

The children (& the mums) also had a go at practising basic shading with lead pencil.

We used 2 of Mark Kistler's 3d Drawing Lessons off his paid subscription web site, School of Imagination. For those interested in having a free go with quick 3d drawings, you a can find some interesting freebies on Mark's You Tube spot.

I think the children did a great job and each piece expresses their individuality (smile).Belle got the fish's eyes, above, just right - making sure those jelly fish knew who to listen to!Bobs wanted to be sure his fish had s.i.z.e, he really enjoyed drawing the jellyfish The picture above was a great achievement for Daisy who often struggles with pencil controlDan's picture, above, has a wonderful textured finished - unplanned but so effective!

And, one of the marmee's decided to 'have a go at all that' too!


Julie said...

That looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I think I'll start including an art day on my blog once a week or once a month or something.

Chelle said...

You're welcome. Looking forward to seeing your posts about that .. off to find out 'where' you are in blogosphere :)