31 March 2011

Artistic Pursuits - Project 12

Artistic Pursuits - Project 12

Some lovely homeschooling friends have allowed us to drag them into our Monday art sessions - we're enjoying a nice relaxed start to each week, while we draw and paint together.
Our focus is to practice learning to wield a pencil with more confidence(referring to Drawing with Children loosely as my guide) and to have a go working with different mediums, using Artistic Pursuits GrK-3 Book 2 as our spring board as well as for some Art History intro.

I got Dn to help me set up the first round of plaster on cardboard and went to painting it very late one Sunday evening: I had fun at midnight and decided we all surely must enjoy our first project together the next day.

Painting in wet plaster was a delight filled experience and I'm sure we'll be working with that medium again!!
Here are the Monday Masterpieces to go with Lesson 12: Fresco.
BK (one of the marmees) went for design with a touch of kiwi
Dan invested his piece, below, with symbology -
Belle became inspired by BK's picture and created a garden scene, below
Daisy decided she'd paint a flower garden, below, in the style of Van gogh
Bobs wanted to portray his l.o.v.e of kiwi ice-cream.

And, seeing them all having such fun, I just had to have another go, below


Unknown said...

Really lovely work!!!

Chelle said...

Arhh - the artists will be so chuffed to read your comment - thanks for stopping by!