03 April 2011

Bible Colour in Pages.

Really nice (extra) colour in pages can sometimes be a stretch to find.

Pages that have more realistic pictures but are not so heavily detailed that Daisy gets dispondent with ALL the tiny lines - and pages that are different than the ones she's coloured in before.

I've been eyeing these for a little while: The student pages for Telling God's Story , they sure do have some wonderful art work for colouring in.

We are not using the course that goes with these page, we have our own preferred approach to teaching bible .

We just want to use the colour in sheets in the pdf (and perhaps a few of the craft/game ideas), those will suit us just fine.

Samples of the art work can be viewed here.

And, a great bonus for internationals wanting to purchase their downloads: Peace Hill Press now have payment available via paypal. So convenient.

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