21 February 2011

Curricula in 2011

(Completed in Dec 2011)
Detailed here  along with
Various Missionary/ Heroes of the Faith biographies and discussions
Indepth bible study with Dn  - Bobs  (11 yrs old)
Introductory bible time with mum  - Daisy  (9 yrs old)
The Scripture Sleuth Series 1-5  - Daisy
Scripture Memorisation, using some songs from Sing The Word ,
Bible Copywork/Dictation


Along with:
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia - Bobs
Usborne History of the World History Encyclopedia - Daisy

History Literature
1:  Sonlight Core 3/4 - Daisy

Read Alouds & Readers
(Selected from the 2010 Catalogue)

2: Sonlight Core 7 (part of) - Bobs

Read Alouds & Readers
3: Five in a Row - Volume 3 
Select books for Daisy to read out loud - then using portions of FIAR conversationally

Language Arts:
All About Spelling (as prescribed for Daisy, just the rules for Bobs)
Child's Introduction to Poetry - Daisy
English from the Roots Up - Both
First Language Lessons (3 - 4 accelerated for Bobs. )
Grammar Land (intro for Daisy, review for Bobs)  **added in Aug 2011
Italics Handwriting  - Both (using Startwrite to create cursive pages)
Language Lessons - Queen Homeschool - Daisy
Poems for Memorization - Rod & Staff Both (using different grade selection)
The Walker Book of Classic Poetry & Poets - Bobs (Using 2011 and 2012)
Writing With Ease - Both  (Using different levels)

Math - Using a mix of:
Life of Fred - Bobs
Life of Fred, elementary - Daisy (completed: she just loved these books!)
Making Math Meaningful  - Both (Using different levels)
Mammoth Math - Blue Series - Daisy (dropped, June 2011 - no longer necessary)
Mathtacular - Daisy
Singapore Math CD Roms (NZ Distributor)
Lots of Games and math based literature for Both.

NZ Based Nature Studies
Interest led books and DvD's
About to start Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy
 (nearly completed the physics curriculum below)
Exploration Education - Both (Different levels and self directed)

Artistic Pursuits (customised to suit us)
Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes
Other books and items of interest
Plus other, random, items of interest.

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