30 March 2011

Fine Tuning our 2011 Learning Year.

Fine Tuning our 2011 Learning Year.

After using our current line up, Story of the World 3 with many of the SL Core 3 books, we've found our literary history time is just too light for Bobs - time to fine tune as a slightly disinterested Bobs is not what I'm aiming for for the rest of our 2011 learning year (Feb - Dec).
The links to the schedule are a little further down this post.

I've looked at a few options of how to change that and started with looking at different complimentary history spines and/or pulling in extra reading material.

Since we already own a few (15) of the books in Core 7 I pulled out our old 2010 catalogue (if you've been on the SL forums lately you'll either nod in understanding, or roll your eyes) and selected out a few more books from Core 7.I've chosen those books that match in well with SOTW3 and along with ordering the IG, for the notes, we're ready to ramp the level up for Bobs after our term break which is in 3 or so weeks.

Many of the remaining books from Core 7 I hope to eventually purchase and use with SOTW 4, in 2012.

I really like doing history and geography (complimentary) together and SOTW & SL's books are a great mix to achieve that seamlessly.

We're planning to use something other than the SL6 or SL7 approach for Bob's with his rhetoric level/course of history. (Still thinking about that though).

So our current schedule will remain in place for Daisy, it's a perfect fit for her.
Here is the new schedule for Jay.
Our new course of action for history/geography will look like this:

For Both:
Geography Songs for Daisy (Review for Bobs)
Evan-Moor The World Reference Maps & Forms (select pages)

For Jay;:
Kingfisher Encyc 1/2 of SL Core 7 (Readers & Read Alouds) inc's Foster books
New Zealand history enrichment
Writing exercises appropriate for Logic Level

For Daisy:
Usborne Book of World History
Core 3/4 (first part) Readers and Read Alouds
New Zealand history enrichment
Writing exercises appropriate for Grammar Level.


Anonymous said...

Hi, would you be able to list the books from core 3/4 and 7 that you have found to match up with SOTW 3.
I am also in NZ, and love the NZ literature suggestions you have on your blog. Thank you.

Chelle said...

If you go to this post
you'll find a link, further down the post, to our adjusted schedule which lists the books we've selected to use from Core 3/D & Core 7/H.
You'll find a colour key at the end of that schedule which should (?) help explain our set up.
Hope that helps some.

It's always nice to bump into another NZ hs-er.

Happy reading!!