11 August 2010

Parents Review Magazine and a History Craft

This post has been sitting idle for quite a while, half formed and unfinished and since I'm getting 40 whole minutes of uninterrupted 'extra reading' time for myself each week I've elected to go back and pull out The Parents' Review Magazines, again, and amble my way through those while one child is their having music lesson - so I've decided it was past time to drag this post from it's 'draft spot' and post it here.

The Parents' Review leaflets that Karen Andreola must have work so hard over back then are still as relevant now all these years later. Each edition seems jam-packed with information and ideas for the Charlotte Mason inspired homeschooler.

Admittedly some editions of the magazine just seem to resonate more with me than others - perhaps because of where we are in our homeschool journey.

I appreciate the thoughtful questions Karen has compiled for "Discussion Questions for the Support Group" .

For those that enjoy any influence of Charlotte Mason in their homeschool life, and haven't read through Karen's compilation, I think you too may find some wonderful little gems to read, pause & ponder on.

As a visual sample ..... Daisy is about to enjoy this 16th century paper doll craft which can be found on the back cover of The Parents Volume 2 Fall 1992, History.
I might have to start up a 'Parents' Review' inspired post each month. smile

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