12 August 2010

Math Drill Sheet

One of children's music teachers is a retired school teacher and has these wonderful little snippets of wisdom and ways she occasionally shares with us.
One of them is a nifty little drill/practise sheet for multiplication - the idea is hers so please give credit to Mrs A. Safey should you chose to create your own sheets.
Or, you could just use these templates we've placed over at HSlaunch.

How the sheet works:

Write out, or you could have the child complete a sheet first while you dictate ... the factors go in opposite corners of each small box and the product is written in the middle.
See the picture below....
Then for practice/ drill (great for a visual/kinesthetic/auditory child) a pencil is placed over the product area and and moved once they say the answer - 7, 7's are 49 etc.. self checking as they go.

Or, the sheet could be set up with the product box left blank in the middle and the child write the answer as they go. Though the sheets we've made ... the boxes are smallish for a child to 'scrawl' quickly in.
The boxes need to be small enough so that a pencil can fit over the product box before being moved across the page as each box is being 'reviewed', like so ...
Might not interest anyone else, but we like 'drill' this way :-)


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the drill sheets. Looks so helpful. Going to try this next week. I think you could use this for +/- too, right? Will probably use this with her dry erase board. Nice. Thanks again!

Chelle said...

You're welcome, I'd love to know how AJ liked/or not it ... and yes it can be used for +/-

Nadene said...

I like this concept! I hope to use it to test the tables we have just learnt. Thanks for sharing!

Chelle said...

I like the concept too, and our 2 don't seeem to 'mind' it too much :-)