21 July 2009

Revisiting Bees

Daisy decided on our weeks break that she would really like to revisit bees ~ now that she's older (-:

We've had a lovely relaxed week reviewing and 're-learning' about these amazing creatures. Queen Bee, Worker Bee, Drone Bee
We went through our bees lapbook *again* and read The Magic School Bus Inside the Bee Hive .
This site is of interest to Bobbi, and if I was going to create a lap~note page for bees & The Magic School bus book (I'm not) that site has some very interesting clip art to use ....

We also found these links with a quick search, Bee Squidoo Lens and a very interesting nature site from this lapbooking blog, and once at Nature Detectives scroll down for bees.
Be sure to have a good browse around Erna’s blog, she’s detailed some lovely lapbooks and components....

And sorting around through our files I found a few interesting colour in pages and 2 lap~note type sheets that others may enjoy seeing too.

And, Daisy is going to try her hand (with marmee) during Friday craft time to make this adorable bees file folder as a gift for a small friends' birthday. I can see us 'customising' it a little.

She just had to colour one of
those bee pictures now though, see ......
{{insert smile}}

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