21 July 2009

Our History Timeline Book ~ Sonlight Book of Time

We typed a similar post on the Sonlight Forums a small while back, and for those that are not subscribers, we'll reshare those ideas here.
Here is the approach we used, and have been using since Bobbi & Daisy were quite young.

We'd always start our history timeline lessons, when they were younger, with reviewing our timeline books, 'This is where you are, here's Adam, here's Jesus Christ, now let's find XYZ ".
Verbalising the detail of the time when 'XYZ lived' and getting the Dc to note was it BC or AD.
We have limited 'spare/free' wall space so we use as an initial reference a pre-made time line book, The Timechart History of the World . This is concertina & folds out very looooong once fully opened.
The children delight in pulling this book out to use, often!!
We also use the Sonlight Book of Time and reference between these 2 books when placing the timeline figures in our SL books of time. (A timeline version much like "Where's Wally" .)
This system works very well for us, but is not such an instant visual option as a wall or large board timeline.

The Sonlight Book of Time has become a 'living' book the children are crafting, not just a plonk-the-sticker-in-&-shut-the-book, sort of project, until next time.
They quickly grasp that Sonlight's Book of Time is our exploded picture format and relates to a selected small pocket of history we may be looking at on our Time Line Chart.
(We started the SL B.o.T with Sonlight Core K (C) using 'stickers' of Bobbi and Daisy, us, & their grandparents. Including birth & death, marriage dates and the year that those of us gave our lives to Christ.
We then added Adam, & Jesus Christ, & we've been good to go since then!
I have to say, we really like these Sonlight Time Line books and the children have one each. At this stage we do not colour in the figures but are waiting until, perhaps, if they wish to, our next round through history.)

We use Home School in the Woods blackline stickers, sold here through Sonlight , to go with each Core as well as sourcing any extra figures we may need for out different history spine, Story of the World, and a history of science study off History Through the Ages C/Ds .

Scroll down and be sure to collect the sample figures listed on the left hand side bar.
(We use the figures on these C/D's for a quite of things, lap~note pages, copywork, notebooking & projects for many subjects.)

We're also looking forward to using the Australian New Zealand History figure of Janette's C/D (detailed in an previous post).

Xzavan gave a very excellent idea on the Sonlight forums; Paper clip the pre-cut figures to the week they are listed on Sonlights schedule. This way you don’t forget to add/use them.

We’ve created a variant of her idea by waiting until the 6th week of our learning schedule and add any relevant figures then which is a good time to verbally review the history portion or person they represent.

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