23 July 2009

Spelling & Language Arts Extras to Print & Make

We’ve been sorting out a few hands on games for language arts and spelling to enrich our learning time.

Board games feature in there as well, but I’ll just list some of our downloads.

Brainy Games.
We have, & do, like playing with these.

Contractions File Folder Game.

Contractions Card match.

Copywork sheet for Grammar.
We’ll complete and then cut and glue these onto the related grammar notebooking page, along with examples of each grammar term.
(Free notebooking grammar pages scroll down)

Spelling Bingo for current & review words.
With words such as their, there, and they’re, I just call out the word and a sentence it’s used it – not spelling it. I watch to see if the children identify the correct one on the game (!)
All other words I say and spell.

Vocabulary notebooking pages.

Daisy likes the read & draw.
(You can quickly have these pages completed by making this a clip art & gluing session.)

Use ideas listed here as a verbal reference or as a ‘handwriting’ & spelling exercise.

Create a literacy Dice for this also (this dice can be used for customised for many things).

We’ve enjoyed quite a few free on line games but here are two we currently like.
Spin and Spell

Here is one of our home grown ideas next.

When playing snakes & ladders, to escape from going down the snake, the player has to correctly spell (X amount of) words from their learning list.

Daisy is really enjoying using All About Spelling (A.A.S) for her spelling/phonics lessons as well as some pages from Explode the Code (E.T.C).
We often use an A.A.S approach to make our lessons in E.T.C more hands on, not just written.
I personally don't enjoy using the All About Spelling program to teach so much, it feels like there are lots of steps to follow to make it work effectively, maybe it's just the stage we're at.
It is a good thorough program, but it’s just not my favourite tool to use - right now.
Still, since Daisy is enjoying and learning so well with A.A.S, I perservere.

Bobbi would rather use something else, so we’ve currently switched back to using Natural Speller by Kathryn Stout and working our way through Queen’s Learning to Spell with Copywork , in our own customised fashion :-)
And, I quietly keep looking at these for later SpellingWisdom - Simply Charlotte Mason

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