24 July 2009

Math Copywork and Create your Own Calendar

Both our children use to enjoy doing their own calendars with Sonlights Create-a-Calendar and since we like to do math copywork, a little done very well (!!), Marmee decided that once a month we'll make one of our Friday craft times into a math/craft/project time with ...... calendars.

Daisy started with crafting the calendar one of her cousins gave her...
(I can see her whole project starting to tip off into a paper-dolls-in- pockets fest).
This next picture came from http://www.funfelt.com/dolls.html . Daisy wants to attach it to her calendar and draw the faces herself. (It doesn't print so well, but it's what she'd like.)These are the templates we've decided to choose from for Bobbie for this year.

The possiblilites for this simplistic project are many, with a few being:
A photographic journal for crafts, & or events for the year.
Science based with clipart and child typed text.
Biography based.
A collection of the childs art for the year, photographed & pasted.
Or math. As Bobbi is doing this year.The 'art' on this is a photocopy of a cartoon face he drew, since the original was too big to use .
He then types out one of his favourite math quotes, prints it in a nice font, cuts and glues the quote to the calendar page, fills out the numbers in lovely handwriting.
All done.
Until next month. & we found these in our travels, the seasons for the christian calendar is wrong for the Southern Hemisphere but has many excellent ideas


Anonymous said...

Chelle, can you please post more pictures of your DD's calendar. Thanks

Anonymous said...

What calendar have you used for for your DD's craft?


Chelle said...

Create Your Own Calendar. "A Year to Remember" from www.pixiepress.com