25 July 2009

Leonardo Da Vinci ~ In Sonlight Core 2 with Beautiful Feet History of Science

I'm really wanting our study of Leonardo Da Vinci to be more than just a fly through introduction. So we're electing to do this as a rabbit trail and wish to create some longer lap~note pages, from the list below, when we get to this Renaissance multi-tasker in our study guide

We'll use our reading of Leonardo Da Vinci, in Story of the World 2 as a review time.

DVD (Bobbi wasn't very keen on this, as the story line was not very science-y and they portrayed Leonardo with a flirtateous air
The Inventors Specials ~ Leonardo: A Dream of Flight
Story C/D by Jim Weiss
Masters of The Renaissance

Artistic Pursuits Grades k-3 Book Two
Lesson 9 - Leonardo Da Vinci
Lesson 10 - Mona Lisa by L.D.V

Leonardo Paintings
Mona Lisa Colour in
Daisy thinks this is wonderful :-)
Homeschool Share Unit Study & Lapbook

Handle on The Arts Lapbook Currently free
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Bobbi would like to do this for math
&, how about this or this.

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