19 July 2009

Hands on Extras to Go with Sonlight Core 2 & Extras for Story of the World 2

Hands on Extras to Go with Sonlight Core 2 &
Extras for Story of the World 2

We've just downloaded this project pdf from Handle on TheArts.

Another Update: Check out this blog for an absolute treasure trove of extras (thanks Christie, from Just Us for sharing this.)

And don't forget to browse all the great things Nadene has over at Practical Pages to go with Sonlight Core 2

Hands-on-History has some excellent and very do-able projects that our children will enjoy and lap~ note templates, which makes me one very happy marmee, then add to the mix 'a where to schedule into Core 2 side note' equals {{{{ happy dancing figure}}} .
The pdf details the projects with coloured photos of the completed crafts as well as the related resource/reference pictures.
The templates included for the crafts and lap~notes are clear, bold blackline and easy to print.

Below is our list and links for some of the other free downloads we've archived, or items we've purchased, to use.

Extras For Sonlight Core 2 ~ Hands On Suppliments
For Medieval / Middle Ages and Renaissance
Celts Notebook Page - Draw and Write page (new)
Always Story of the World Vol.2 Activity Book  & portions of Artistic Pursuits 2.


Colour & Blackline Figures to Colour or use as Clip art
Viking Adventure includes paper doll links & clip art, plus lapbook templates
Viking Paper & Extras Crafts not in English but easy to navigate
Crafts For Kids Viking Longboat
Paper Mask Viking

Viking Runes write your name in runes

Middle Ages
Homeschool Share Middle Ages
The Duchess Bakes A Cake The Duchess Bakes a Cake go along
Edupics colouring pages (some already full colour) for notebooking
Court Jester make a jester (brads required)
Marguerite Makes A Book Midddle Ages Book Making
The Middle Ages Sandy’s schedule for ideas & books

Dover Paper Dolls Medieval Costumes
Dover Colour in Medieval Fashions colour in

Knights ThingsCleveland Art template to make a helmet
Print Activities Knights things ~ math pages skip count puzzles for Fridays’ (timed)
Print Activities Medieval Math
Homeschool Share make your child a knight
Gallimauphry medieval knight & lady for paper dolls or clip art above
Homeschool Share Knights label the armour
Dover Colour in Knights and Armour (use as cut & paste not colouring in)
Dover Paper Dolls Knights in Armor (adding to lap~note pocket)
Homeschool Share label the castle
HomeschoolShare code of honour for Daisy

HomeschoolShare code of honour for Bobbi
Trebuchet game & science

Activity Village - Knights & Castle colour in pages, knight crafts, puzzles etc..

Kings & QueensRoyal Paper Dolls paper dolls – collection of all Henry’s wives!
Gallimauphry Henry the II & Queen Alienor d'Aquitaine Paper dolls or ‘clip art’ for notebooking

King Henry VIII and his 6 Wives - Colour in and ready made notebook pages, yay!
Tudor Theme - Colour in, crafts, Tudor notebook pages
Queen Elizabeth I - Colour in and notebook pages

Gallimauphry Mona Lisa ‘paper doll”
Gallimauphry Renaissance model & artists for notebooking pages
Dover Store Michaelangelo art kit. Thanks to Xzavan! (SL Forums)
Renaissance Art art cards for hist folder
Leonardo Da Vinci Hands on Sonlight Core 2 Lapbook. Thanks to Mustang76 (SL Forums)

Michelangelo, Da Vinci other artist Practical Pages lapnotes
And Paper People to colour more from Practical Pages
Paper Dolls 1100's(NB: some of the ads here are 'less than!')

AztecsMayan Jaguar Mask mask
Colour in Pages
Also use
Ancient Aztec crafts,
Pocket 7, from
History Pockets: Ancient Civilisations


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