16 July 2009

New Zealand Paper Dolls
Free Printables
(some Australian Paper Dolls also )

1958 New Zealand Paper Doll from Te Papa

Te Papa Collection full list of clothes and New Zealand Paper Dolls

Maori Paper Crafted Dolls Dolls from around the world

Maori Paper Dolls

Making Friends Use Pacific Island template

Australian Paper Dolls boy and girl guide

( Australian Paper Animals )

Girl Guides around the world
New Zealand Girl Guide Paper Doll

Patty Reed not strictly NZ but cute anyway

Aunt Minnie 1920's

Dover below (paid)

*Please feel free to add any other New Zealand or Austrailian Paper Dolls links you know of in the comments section below.


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Shari said...

Wow! I hopped over here from your link in the Sonlight Forums, and I am FLOORED by your site! Thanks for sharing so much, I bookmarked so I can come back to visit.

Chelle said...

Happy to share :-) & thanks for leaving a comment it's nice to know who's visited.