19 June 2009

Story of The World 2 Activity Book and Lapnote Pages

Since we could not seem to find a History Pocket or similar project we wanted to do to go with Sonlight Core 2 's History & Story of the World 2 we've decided to invent some pages similar to Junior History Portfolios for this year.

Once we've completed the pages we *plan* to get them bound so we have a history 'project from this period of history as well.
These are the start of the pages on the Byzantine Empire - we still need to include a nice coloured paper pocket for the the paper dolls to go in.
The notebook out line is a quick template we threw together - not flash but it gets the job done :-)
The dolls are from Story of the World 2's activity book, as is the mapping page (showing in the Lft hand corner).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visuals Zap they real-ly help :-)
love the layout change 2