20 June 2009

Character Studies and Bible Devotions

The Gift of Values (Book review by Chelle)
By Rosie Boom

The book is divided up in six values: Honesty, A Positive Attitude, Courage, Diligence, Perseverance, and, Obedience.
Each value then has a 3 or 3 stories to go with that character theme along with those 3-4 stories having their own accompanying sections on:
~ Think about it (questions to get your children thinking about the value being studied)
~ Something to do (practical creative ways to illustrate the value)
~ So said…. (quotes or sayings relating to the value = perfect for copywork & L/A’s)
~ Words to live by (scriptures relating to the value. A back section in the book gives simple effective outlines for an older child, or mum :-), to springboard their own bible study on the value)
~ Boom clip (Personal stories & experiences of the authors family)
~ Dig deeper (Extra’s that you can enjoy as a family that relate to each value)
*** not all the dig deeper suggestions will suit every family.

True. We personally did not listen to one of Honesty’s Dig Deeper suggestions (Billy Joel’s song “Honesty”) but definitely enjoyed the other 6 ideas Rosie suggests. The added bonus for us is that Rosie adds in an NZ flavour, being a kiwi and all :-)

We're appreciating this book and have Volume 2 sitting on the shelf to use as our next 'homeschool devotions with mum'.
We're using the above notebooking pages from here to go with The Gift of Values topics
I’ve archived this link ( thanks Patty for all your hard work) to pull some pages/ideas out to go with The Book of Virtues which is being used as a reader for One Dc to go with the character topic in TGoV .

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