26 October 2008

Giving the Sonlight Schedule a New Zealand Flavour

We like to use the books we have on our shelves to give the Sonlight schedule a real NZ flavour. I'll detail the books first, and then post a portion of our schedule next.
Maybe this post should come with 'long load ahead' warning. :-)

**Sept 2011: Our updated list of New Zealand Literature can now be found at:

Pictures and a post about our pre-highschool level NZ history spines;
Builders of New Zealand - An Illustrated History for Young People ~ A.W Reed  (click this link)
& Aotearoa – A History of New Zealand ~Olive Baldwin

Pict bks
The Treaty House
~LeAnne Orams 1830’s + (semi time travel child looks back into history)

The Immigrants ~Alan Bagnall/Sarah Wilkins

Freedom is a Wobbly Sack ~Peter Minturn
1890’s ?
Seadog – A Tale of Old New Zealand ~Dorothy Butler

Caesar The Anzac Dog ~Patricia Stroud
By Jingo ~Dorothy Butler
Harry & The Anzac Poppy ~John Lockyer & Raewyn Whaley
WW I 1917
A Present From the Past ~Jennifer Beck
WW I in Britian to present day NZ
The Donkey Man ~Glyn Harper Gallipoli during WW I

The Bantam & The Soldier ~Jennifer Beck
Papa’s Island ~Melanie Drewery
The Sky Soldiers ~Glyn Harper WW II
Nicky & Wi ~Iris Wallace

My Kiwi ~John Lockyer

Classic New Zealand Animal Stories (NZ Golden Books) ~compiled by Julia Graham
OPO – Dolphin/ JAMES – Captain Cook Pig/ KAHU - Kiwi/ BYAMUL – Black Swan/ PIPPA – fairy penguin

Pict books by NZ writers 
~Glenda Turner Books
~Joy Watson Books (Grandpa’s .. slippers cardigan etc.)

Hairy Mclary Books ~Lynley Dodd
Nobody’s Dog ~Jennifer Beck

~Betty Gilderdale The Little Digger Bks

The Light House Keeper Books ~Ronda Armitage
Mechanical Harry ~Bob Kerr

My Brown Bear Barney ~Dorothy Butler
The Best-Loved Bear ~Diana Noonan

The Duck in the Gun ~Joy Cowley
Sydney & The Sea Monster ~David Elliot (sea life)

N/F & Reference Junior – Highschool
Essential Dates – A Time line of New Zealand History ~Alison Dench
Aotearoa – A History of New Zealand ~Olive Baldwin

Illustrated History of New Zealand ~ Marcia Stenson
Reed Illustrated History of New Zealand ~ Matthew Wright (upper grades)
Builders of New Zealand - An Illustrated History for Young People ~ A.W Reed
New Zealand Disasters ~ Nicola McCloy

Fighting Past Each Other – The NZ Wars 1845-1872
The New Zealand Wars ~Ross Calman

History Makers – Conquerors of Everest (Sir Edmund Hillary) ~ Piccolo Explorer Bks

How Parliament Works in New Zealand ~John Lockyer (2004 ed)
First Words in Maori ~Paul Tilling (like Usborne first words books in format)

 I’m Glad the Sky is Painted Blue (poems for the Very Young) Selected by ~Rosalyn Barnett
I will Build You a House – poems for Cushla Chosen by ~Dorothy Butler

Puzzle books
Magic Eyes: I Spy NZ History (1840-2000) ~Carol Atkinson 

~Andrew Crowe (Natural Alphabet & study guide books)
Nature Study ~D. Beggs (a worthy 2nd hand book shop purchase)

The Know, Sow & Grow Kids' Book of Plants ~Diana Noonan
Grow A Gift ~Pauline Cartwright

A Kea on My Bed ~Molly Falla
A Pocketful of Penguins ~Molly Falla
A Sketchbook of New Zealand Birds ~Molly Falla

Draw New Zealand Birds ~ Heather Arnold
Moko’s Hideout (story format) ~Elsie Locke
Godwit’s Journey ~Sandra Morris
Nature story format
My Spoonbill Book ~Alex Scott Nature – poetic format
Old Blue: The Rarest Bird in the World ~Mary Taylor (nature - story format)

Tea for the Tui (N/F - recipes) ~Rosemary Tully

Opo – The Hokianga Dolphin (pictorial diary) ~Eric & Elizabeth Lee-Johnson

A Year on Our Farm ~Penny Matthews & Andrew McLean 2000’s
Gone Fishing ~Margaret Albert 1990’s

Myths & Legends
~Peter Gossage bks (The Battle of the Mountains & The Fish of Maui)
How the Kiwi Lost it’s Wings ~Alwyn Owen

Chapter bks
30 Hideous & Hilarious New Zealand Historical Stories ~ editor Barbara Else (ancients to today)
Moa Hunter ~Eve Sutton pre-settler (early maori)

Maori and Settler ~G.A Henty 1800’s
~Elsie Locke Journey Under Warning (bks mostly 1800’s)
The Runaway Settlers ~Elsie Locke
Canoe in the Mist ~Elsie Locke

The Bats’ Nest ~Anne de Roo

Traveller ~Anne de Roo
Sergeant Sal ~Anne de Roo

Tuppenny Brown ~Eve Sutton (convicts 1800’s)

A String of Gold Nuggets ~Pauline Cartwright (Otago Goldfields)
Shining Rivers ~Ruth Dallas
1860s Gold Rush

The Great Monsieur Vertelli ~Robin Peirce
(our favourite Wanganui book) 1867

Rifle & Tomahawk ~Mona Tracy

The Wild Boy in the Bush ~Ruth Dallas

Call of the Cruins ~Elizabeth Pulford
Six Little New Zealanders ~Esther Glenn

Farvel & Other Stories
~Yvonne du fresne (1930’s Manawatu)
The Kid from Matata (Memories of a Post War Pakeha Childhood) ~David McGill 1950s
Night Race to Kawau ~Tessa Duder (modern fict – boating)

The Gold Dog ~Anne De Roo (gold panning modern times)
The Dovers Road Collection: Adventures in New Zealand ~Joyce West (modern)
Where Lions Roar at Night, Bk 1 ~Rosie Boom (modern home educating family)
Where Arrows Fly , Bk 2 ~Rosie Boom (modern home educating family)

Historical & Biographical – Story Format
New Zealand’s Christian Heritage - God’s History Makers ~Col Stringer How the Maori’s Came ~A.W.Reed
A Land without Taxes ~Elsie Locke
Reaching the Summit – Sir Edmund Hillary’s Story ~Alexa Johnson with David Larsen
Soldier of the Yellow Socks - Charles Upham ~Janice Marriot
(my favourite NZ Read Aloud)

Right, with our basic list up, now for the details page we put in our schedules folder.
Module 2
(Inventors/Explorers – Noah/Everest – Peserverance & Vision) NEW ZEALAND
2: The Story of the Orchestra pg 15 Bach 1685-1750 track 4
- CLWM -Exploring Landscape Art with Children pg 10-11 (trains & the progress of the railway)(Waitangi Day)
- Magic Eyes: I Spy NZ History (
) by Carol Atkinson
- The Treaty House by LeAnne Orams
1830’s +
Homer Price SL 1
Wendy's Beyond Journals
Beyond FIAR Fold N Learn purchase the science & fine arts FnL only-Create a USA lapnote page
Simple Machines Site
-Purchase a basic ‘radio kit’ for D to make with DH

Usborne Living Long Ago INVENTORS
Using Steam power
Going further & faster pg94-95

Inventors & Inventions
NZ Inventors scroll down for inventors in NZ. Create a lapnote Page for 2 NZ InventsOur Extra Books- Reaching the Summit – Sir Edmund Hillary’s Story by Alexa Johnson with David Larsen
-Three Cheers for Inventors by Marcia Willams
-Mechanical Harry by Bob Kerr
-To the Top! Climbing the World’s Highest Mountain By S Kramer
(Sir Edmund Hillary – NZ explorer
) Reader Geog pages to create (STH Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal)
Usborne Houses & HomesHigh in the Mountains (Himalaya Mountains; Nepal; Mexico) pp16-17 (112-113)

Usborne Living Long AgoClothes around the world pg22-23
- High as a Hawk – A Brave Girl’s Historic Climb By T.A Barron
-Always Inventing – The True Story of Thomas Alva Edison By Frank Murphy
Reader-Noah’s Ark By Linda Hayward Reader
-Whatever the Weather by Karen Wallace


Chelle said...

Our update list finally has it's own page at the top of our blog titled:
List of (our) New Zealand Books.
HTH :-)

Fiona said...

I struggled for a long time to find the book Builders of New Zealand (A H Reed) and now i have two. I am about to list one on trademe and i thought i would mention here (just in case someone who uses this curriculum (and what a great one it is) wants their own copy.

Chelle said...

Hi Fiona , hoping you come back to put a link to that auctIon. Ill delete your linked comment once your book has sold.