04 October 2008

A small look at History & LA's with SL Core 1

Once I get a chance to :-) I'll start posting up the things we've done in the last year.

A quick intro pict of our History Portfolios
We've since posted up a seperate visual of these Junior Ancient History Portfolios in their own post (13th November)

LA's Bits n Pieces relating to Sonlight Core 1
Daisy's (6) narration With Gooney Bird Green
Bobbie & ETC with letter H tie in to our Getty Debay Handwriting Book.

We're currently doing Sonlight Core 1 over two years, but that's a whole 'nother' post and lots of links.

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Anonymous said...

Hey C.do :-)
If you are 'last in line' with HS I'd hate to see where that leaves most of us, LOL.
Thanks for getting your info blog back up. Love, love, love - the stuff you do.
(Flicked you a pm).