28 April 2018

A Small Glimpse at a Homeschool Graduates Reading List

Sometimes when home educating students graduate that's the last we hear of them; well, not until they get engaged, or married, or having their first child :)
Jay is not doing any of those things ;0)    He is doing self-directed studies - no set university courses for him - and is studying diligently.  As a family, we are continuing to work on building our new home and that keeps us all busy outside of learning hours.
Home educating has definitely gifted Jay with the drive and passion to be a lifelong learner and it's encouraging to see him set up reading schedules, makes my planner's heart skip, and create course outlines and end goals.  I have to add though, that the 2 years we spent doing some schoolwork via Te Kura was not fun for him, or me.  It drains all the joy out of learning when you don't gel to the way lessons are being taught (not much teaching happens with Te Kura's course work) and the content is presented in the driest, dullest traditional schooling format.  So for others that feel like they are going through teeth pulling times with their highschool level students, be encouraged: most people work with much more enthusiasm over tasks that are centred around something they are keenly interested in.  It's where we are with Jay now.
Here is a small glimpse into the reading area of his self-directed studies.

Jay’s Reading list for 2018
Classic Literature
The Book of Proverbs (KJV: Life Application Bible)
The Art of War ~ Sun Tzu
The Prince ~ Niccolo Machiavelli
Communist Manifesto ~ Karl Marx
Books That Have Made History: Books That Can Change Your Life ~ TGC.   J. Rufus Fears (audio)

Communication / Literacy
Building a Better Vocabulary ~ TGC.  Kevin Flanigan   (audio)
Speed Reading for Dummies  ~ Richard Sutz

Business Biographies
Elon Musk  ~ Ashlee Vance
Hatching Twitter ~ Nick Bilton 
The Everything Store ~ Brad Stone

Business / Management/ Economics / Personal Finance
The Law of Success ~ Napoleon Hill
Think and Grow Rich ~ Napoleon Hill (audio)
Managing Oneself  ~ Peter F. Drucker
The New Case for Gold ~ James Rickards
How Google Works ~  Eric Schmidt
The Rise of the Robots ~ Martin Ford

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