27 March 2018

Proposed Literature and Reading List for Daisy 2018

This is a post in progress where I will be archiving the items Daisy (16yrs) may, or may not, read during the next three terms this year.    
Many of the titles we have selected out she'll be reading, and then discussing with me as she goes through each book.  Some of the topics in these books are gritty, and very mature - if we don't feel Daisy's ready to read and discuss things covered in each title in depth we'll adjust the depth of content being covered, in those books, as we go along.  I do believe in preparing  children to discuss gritty/raw/disturbing things that can happen in life;  but, not in traumatising them, nor in presenting topics before each student is mature enough to handle grown-up issues.   I thought one literature provider, Sonlight, used to really push the envelope on presenting mature/difficult/growing up issues before most children are ready:  I used to save the too-much-to-soon titles in SL's literature packages until a needed level of maturation had been reached to deal with some topics - every child is different - and other books we skipped altogether.  

A home educating associate would probably label our list beneath as a kitchen sink selection: where we pull any items we like together and even if it doesn't look like a cohesive reading list, we call it one.

I'll keep updating as we go along, adding and deleting titles.  
Selecting books out for 2018 and 2019

Study Guides, Courses, and, Personal Growth Books for 2018:
King James Bible (select books)
NCEA English ( writing, and, literature studies via Te Kura)
Essentials in Literature (EiL): Level 10 ~ Matthew Stephens (selections. complete in 1 term)
Cupid and Psyche with Angelina Stanford ( must sign up before April 17)

Classics Reading List:
BC 5000-400 AD     saving these next two titles for 2019
The Odyssey ~ Homer (c. 850 BC)  Audio and book    (Mature Content) 
The Aeneid ~ Virgil (c. 30 BC) trans. Cecil Day Lewis     We have an Abridged Audio but Daisy would like to go through an unabridged version of this classic poem.    (Mature content)

Shakespeare (any play of interest not yet studied)

Tartuffe ~ Moliere (1669) play (audiobook)
She Stoops to Conquer ~ Oliver Goldsmith (1773) play  NCEA Reading Response
The Madness of King George III  ~ Alan Bennett
A 1994 film directed by Nicholas Hytner and adapted by Alan Bennett from his own play.  The copy we saw had had the bedroom/sensual scenes edited out – which made it a good choice for a family movie.  We all enjoyed the movie adaptation of the play.

1850-present day
any works of Dickens not yet read (1860 -  )
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ~ R.L. Stevenson   (1866) Brit Lit.  Audio.  Content: Drug Addiction    Switching to 2019
Three Men in a Boat ~ Jerome (1889)  completed

Anthem ~ Ayn Rand  (1937) Dystopian  (sensual content at the end. we skip that portion) NCEA Reading Response
Animal FarmGeorge Orwell (1945)     Brit Lit / Political Satire  NCEA Reading Response

Fahrenheit 451 ~ Ray Bradbury  (1953)  Dystopian NCEA Reading Response
To Kill a Mockingbird ~ Harper Lee  (1960)  (EiL)  America Lit.  Content: an accusation of rape, centred around racism.  Daisy was surprised at how much she 'enjoyed' (?) this book.   NCEA Reading Response
The House on Mango Street ~ Sandra Cisneros (1984) (haven't pre-read this one yet. UPDATE: Daisy said this has some boy & girl tension in the book, with the boys aggressively pursuing the girls)

Other Books:
Matilda Bone ~ Karen Cushman   1300’s  gritty content. Historical Fict
A Parcel of Patterns ~ Jill Paton Walsh   set in 1665   Historical Fict.  Not for Sensitive readers.  
Night Witches ~ Kathryn Lasky    set in WWII   Historical Fict   (This book has some swearing in it, no f-bombs though.)
A Surfeit of Lampreys ~ Ngaio Marsh (1941)   Golden Era Mystery.  The way the victim is murdered is rather awful – a skewer through his eye.
The Labours of Hercules ~ Agatha Christie (1947)  Golden Era Mystery.  Audio
Till We Have Faces ~ C.S. Lewis (1956)  Cupid and Psyche Myth Retold    Audio    Switching to 2019
To Say Nothing of the Dog: Bk2 ~ Connie Willis  (1997)    Sci-fi / Comedy    (I have to listen to the tie-in title  Three Men in a Boat before Daisy & I listen to this audiobook.)
Babylon’s Ark ~ Lawrence Anthony (2007)  N/F.    profanity edited out.  Autobiography  NCEA Reading Response
Have a Little Faith ~ Mitch Albom (2009)     Biographical  Switching to 2019
Caroline ~ Sarah Miller (2017)  set in 1870’s    Historical Fict   Daisy has no interest to read this.  (ETA:   another reader stated that the book has some unnecessary s3x scenes at the end of it - I haven't pre-read this book yet so I'm just giving the heads up for other parents who like to be in the know about "content issues" in books too. )

Short Stories, and, a selection of Poetry

Free Reading:  (adding books read as Daisy completes them)
The Trial ~ Charlotte M. Yonge
Ember Rising ~ S.D. Smith
Under Drakes Flag ~ G.A. Henty (audio. Jim Weiss)
Sherlock Holmes  (collection of stories on audio)
Mildred and Elsie: Bk3 ~ Martha Finley
Mildred's Married Life: Bk4 ~ Martha Finley
Daisy ~ Susan Warner
Daisy in the Field ~ Susan Warner
Melbourne House ~ Susan Warner
Pine Needles ~ Susan Warner
Vanderbeekers of 141st Street ~ Karina Glaser (younger years book)
The Cat of Bubastes ~ G.A. Henty (audio. Jim Weiss)
Amberwell ~ D.E. Stevenson
Summerhills ~ D.E. Stevenson
The Bess Crawford Mystery Series ~ Charles Todd (the first 4 titles)

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