02 June 2016

Random Pet Post ~ June 2016

This post will only interest pet loving people
Hatched December 2015
 From a cute ball of yellow fluff , above, to well grown, in just 4 months
These Royal Palm Turkeys do create chaos in our back yard ;-p
Notice the pure white one to the left, extreme rear, we're not sure what breed she is.
 Count the Cats
This one is for Tracy :-D   
Lady Penelope, aka Penny, (tabby marked burmese) and Chess (seal point burmese) often snuggle (??) up this way.  Penny is rather Garfield-ish, and it amazes us how Chess just carries on sleeping when she flops down on top of him


reader19 said...

Oh.my.....I just love that picture of Penny and Chess! How do you ever get anything done when they are THAT cute???? I wonder how many minutes of my day I spend just staring at some bug or critter! Imagine what I could get done if the world wasn't so amazing!!! Those cats snuggled up like that!!!! Your turkeys are just beautiful too! I saw a moth yesterday that was white with some black spots that reminded me of your turkeys--- 101 Dalmations always comes to my mind!

I'm missing you, praying for you all each day, and hoping this season of being too busy will ease out some; and soon! Thank you SO much for the lovely critter pictures!

How about a nice cuppa and a few dates? ok..coconut cake sounds better!!!!

Chelle said...

how fun to find your comment here Tracy!
I thought it was time to return some critter pictures back your way: I love, LOVE the owl pictures I happen to get a quick peak at that you shared.
Dates and hot tea are just as delicious .... though I do have a weakness for coconut cake.
Appreciate the prayers!! and praying for you too♥

Hope you are being blessed with the beauty of Spring all around you.