30 May 2016

Books... Instead of Our May 30th Week Ahead Post

We're still completing last weeks type up, and then we're taking a much needed week off.
So I figured I'd post about a favourite topic: books.

Our districts annual Red Cross, second hand, book sale fell on my birthday this year,
so Dn took me ♥
I came home with a few treasures to enjoy;
Custard and Company (Ogden Nash Poetry)
15 Minutes Alone With God ~ Emilie Barnes
Black Boots and Buttonhooks ~ Phyllis Johnston  (NZ historical fiction)
A Comet in the Sky ~ Phyllis Johnston (NZ historical fiction)
Milly- Molly- Mandy and Billy Blunt ~ Joyce Lankester Brisley  (a really old copy) ☺
A Selection from the Canterbury Tales ~ Retold by Selina Hastings, illustrated by Reg Cartwright

We also found some more books for Daisy (God was so good to answer my recent prayer with a yes!) she selected out some of the vintage Nancy Drew titles to enjoy as lite (younger ;/)  reading; and, I managed to gather a few extra titles to add to her reading basket for this term - some I want to pre-read before giving them to her, any that make the cut I'll be sure to share.
Items going in her book basket now:
The Adventures of Sir Edward Leithen ~ John Buchan (author of The Thirty-nine Steps) There is a portion missing at the end of the old book we purchased, so we'll need to read the rest of that via a kindle edition. )

When the Siren Wailed ~ Noel Streatfield (younger read)       WWII   (ouch on the amazon price!!)

Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story ~ Perl & Lazan       WWII

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas ~ John Boyne    WWII     (content???)

Spring Tide ~ Mary Ray   (set in Roman Britian)

"Billy"  Sunday:  The Man and His Message ~ William T. Ellis     (Modern Times Evangelist)

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