12 April 2016

April 11 2016 ~ A Week with Tolstoy

As Jay is doing dual courses for English/Literature Studies,  we're trying to streamline our options so that his reading load doesn't become a top heavy task.  Along with that,  we'd rather he  read from books that will be of some interest to him, and are also ones that we feel have some worth to them  - not just to be reading a book because someone else's English course prescribes it as a necessary read. 
I think this quotation reflects our approach to a T:

Our literary focus for the next wee bit has ended up being works by Tolstoy.  Here's a portion of what we have on our week ahead list:
April Monday 11  2016

·       Family
All:  Luke 10+

Whispering Hope  ~ Alice Hawthorne (Septimus Winner) 1868
(Then Sings My Soul Bk 2 ~ Morgan p.113)     
1:  Read Alouds:
·        The Road from Home ~ Kherdian (1915)  (SL Core 300)
·        Outliers ~ Gladwell    (SL Core 300) 

And just tossing in a random comment here;   Sonlight have now decided to include the book descriptions in their catalogues again; such a good business move for them to make and excellent news for us!   I've ordered a paper version, though an online edition is available to flick through until the real thing arrives.   
2:  Book Basket:
·        Do Hard Things ~ Harris   together, book basket time

3:  Short Stories: 
How Much Land Does a Man Need ~ Tolstoy (1886)
Three Questions ~ Tolstoy   (1903) Russian Parable

4:  Audio’s for April: 
War and Peace ~ Tolstoy  
Not sure if we're going to need to edit things out of this novel, as I haven't been through the entire story myself yet)

For others thinking of going through War and Peace, we  found www.gradesaver.com gifted us with some items of worth.  
·       Jay
1: Book Basket:  
1:  NZ Road Code  
3:  Fahrenheit 451 ~ Bradbury  (Utopian) Lit study.     (Ends with hope!)

We  purposely went with this book as opposed to other curriculum providers dystopian (depressing! s3x & drug based) suggestion; Brave New World.  Huxley's title is not one we wanted our highschool aged children reading; we are more than able to, and do,  discuss a hedonistic lifestyle, lacking Christ or hope, without needing to use a title like Brave New World as a springboard.  
Perhaps take a read through lol! OMG  if you were looking for an alternate book to read, and then discuss topics that you think are salient,  with your children.  Be warned though,  lol! OMG has real life, gritty, s3xual college based encounters in it.  (See my, brief,  review in this post.)

4:   ITTC: Leo Tolstoy ~ Cowan p.279-80a

2:  Audio’s for April: 
3:  Churchill’s History of WWII:
The Second World War.  1: Milestones to Disaster

·       Daisy
History & Geography
2: Bp Early Modern Times: Ch:10  Focus on Prohibition, Gangsters, Armenian Massacre  p.139-141a, 143-146, 148-151a    
4:   ITTC: Leo Tolstoy  ~ Cowan p.279-80a

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
1:  William Booth ~ Benge (Missionary)   (Daisy is enjoying reading this, and is sharing the best portions with us.)
2:  Tales from The Perilous Realm ~ Tolkien, illust by Aan Lee

2:  Audio’s for April:  
Daisy went for 100% delight led, younger years, titles since we're listening through a rather long and involved audio together as our family Lit study this month.)
2:  The Young Carthaginian   ~  Henty, read by Jim Weiss
4:  The Black Star of Kingston ~ S.D. Smith   
The other book in this series, The Green Ember, was such a good story that Daisy's decided she'd like to have a listen to the prequel as well.

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