24 August 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ Monday 24 August 2015

    This is the last week of one of our 6wks of scheduled learning.
All of us are looking forward to week away from academic learning and plan to have a very out and about week, next week.  Really hoping the weather will co-operate and gift us with some serious splashes of sunshine.

    With only two & half, official, weeks left until spring starts, our livestock are making the most of the pending switch in the seasons.  Little Dorrit, turkey hen, is foraging around to try and find the best spot to nest, and Dandelion is working on covering the over hens.  It looks like our lamb quota this year is going to be only three lambs -  rather disappointing results from our ram, Aba-ram;  looks like we'll be moving him along to another owner, and getting in a new ram.  Zoological experiments can get a little costly.

   On a few other subject fronts:
We're enjoying going through the book of Proverbs as a bible study.  There are so many things to stop and discuss in this book of the bible, that we often end up taking a few days just to get through one chapter.
    This morning, the children and I were counting through our weeks left of scheduled history learning, and literature to read, for this year.... only 13 weeks left  :) ; and, then we'll be embracing Christmas time and summer holidays.

    Jay is appreciating the experience of having another teacher mark his work in one of his learning areas; science.  This, outschool, term he's been working through Cosmo Science, with Nathalie T as his coach/teacher.  I'm having him read through differing viewpoints to the ones Cosmo present in their course; nothing like reading through emphatic (supported) view points from both sides of a 'debate' or theory to expand ones own viewpoint on a topic.  We've just recently read and discussed through various excerpts on global warming, and, vaccinations.

·       Family
All:   Proverbs Chapt 17+

·       Daisy
History & Geography
1: Biblioplan Early Modern Times:
Ch:26 Whiskey Rebellion; Napoleon’s Rise pgs 627-629 (selections in 629-634), 635-650   Mon to Fri 
Mapping: BP wk 26: Napoleon’s Conquests

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
Do Hard Things ~ Harris (reading with mum)
Girl in a Cage ~ Jane Yolen & Robert Harris (Robert the Bruce (Scotland) 1380AD)   
    Jay enjoyed reading the Girl in a Cage, last year, and recommended it go in Daisy's optional reading pile.

Hard to Claim ~ A.J. Kitchin (1857 New Zealand history)        
    This is a newer NZ historical fiction book, and one I haven't read through yet.  I've had a quick flick through it and - as it details wholesome character values, along with trusting in God - decided to let Daisy have the joy of being the first to read it.  I'll post a review once we've both completed it.
The Westing Game ~ Raskin (modern times)
 Another one of Jay's recommended reads.

2:  History Reading: 
FMoMT M.Press: Nelson

1:  Essentials in Writing, Level 8:  L. 30+ Mon to Thurs

·       Jay
History & Geography
1: Biblioplan Early Modern Times:
Ch:26 Whiskey Rebellion; Napoleon’s Rise pgs 627-629 (selections in 629-634), 635-650   Mon to Fri 

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:  
The Tale of Three Kings ~ Edwards
King Alfred’s English ~ White  complete
Rip Van Winkle & Other Stories ~ Washington Irving

3:  Audio’s for this month:  
Purchase Through Audible
B: Death to the French ~ Forester  

1:  Greenleaf Guide Yr 3 Lit (1550-1900)  ~ Shearer
Lesson 18:   Wordsworth  (1770-1850),  (French Rev 1792), Lyrical Ballads 1802  (complete)
    Jay and I both recommend this Literature Course: well; to anyone that will pause long enough to listen to us :)    The guide is so easy to use and the content is interesting for Jay; and, rigorous enough to satisfy requirements for those, like me, looking for a thorough course that contains a good cross-section of authors and their works - and is not dry and dull for the student.  I'm definitely planning to have Daisy go through this Greenleaf literature guide in a few years time.  
Maths   IXL yr12
Science   Cosmos for School  (Term 3)  Weds, Thurs
Languages  Rosetta Stone French   Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs


Chareen said...

Love the look of your planner. Where did you get it from ?

Chelle said...

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner by Debra Bell (bookdepository or christianbook.com sell them).
Next year will be my 3rd year using it :) Needless to say, I really like it.

It doesn't come with tabs; however, this post
gives the link to the tabs that Kendra, Aussie Pumpkin Patch blog, put me on to.