21 July 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ Weds 22 July 2015

This is a shorter schooling week for us, and our week ahead reflects that.  I'll just share the books we're still reading, or are about to start.
The children and I are enjoying the last 2 days of our term break; if anyone were to visit us, they'd see delight led cupboard sorting, and projects a-plenty happening.  The organised chaos that goes with decluttering and being creative can get rather interesting  :-)

·       Family
All:  Proverbs 10 onwards      Mon to Fri

History & Geography
1:  Read Alouds: 
Francis Asbury ~ Benge   1745-1816
Thomas Paine: Crusader for Liberty ~ Marrin
2:  Book Basket:
King Alfred’s English ~ White  continue
The New Oxford Book of Children’s Verse ~Philip

1:  Car (& craft time) time audio: 
The Great Courses: Classics of British Literature 
Lecture 17. Defoe—Crusoe and the Rise of Capitalism

·       Daisy

History & Geography
FMoMT M.Press: Kosciusko
FMoMT M.Press: Washington
1: Biblioplan Early Modern Times: our wk 20,  Ch:22 American Rev… War    Weds to Fri                            

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket Options:
Do Hard Things ~ Harris (read with mum)
Sherwood Ring ~ Elizabeth Pope  (SL RA7)  (content issues.  This book needs discussing in our family)

2:  History Reading: 
A:  ITTC ~ Cowan:  Rousseau - Confessions 1781, 1788 

6:  Audios for this month:
B:  Delight led 

2: The Scarlet Pimpernel ~ Orczy (1792) Progeny Press Study wk 1 of 5
5:  Word Up! Greek and Latin Roots (Episode 5: Put Place Thurs, Fri

·       Jay

History & Geography
1: Biblioplan Early Modern Times: our wk 20,  Ch:22 American Rev… War    Weds to Fri                          
History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:  
The Tale of Three Kings ~ Edwards 
1777  The Arrow Over the Door ~ Bruchac  RA SL7
Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold – Fritz    1777+
2:  History Reading: 
A:  ITTC ~ Cowan:  Rousseau- Confessions 1781, 1788 

3:  Audio’s for this month:  
B: George Whitefield ~ Dallimore Completed
CNicholas Nickleby ~ Dickens (dramatised)
D:  Tale of Oake Cake Crag ~ Wittig    (author writes about fairies, & uses anthropomorphism.... though a bonus is, the animals don't 'talk' to the people :)  And though Jay and I felt Wittig gets a little repetitive about details from previous books - really noticeable when you're listening to the books back to back - this is an interesting 'gentle' series surrounding an era in Beatrix Potter's life.)

1:  Greenleaf Guide Yr 3 Lit (1550-1900)  ~ Shearer
Lesson 15:   Phillis Wheatley (1753-84) Thomas Gray (1716-71)

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