23 July 2015

Crafts & Critters ~ July 2015

A very sweet friend of mine offered to teach Jay, along with her son, how to bake bread.  Jay has never made bread before,  and this is what he came home with: from top left clockwise; a mini pizza, chilli and cheese plait, sweet cinnamon rolls, and pull-apart garlic rolls.
Baked by Jay
How impressive is that!!  They tasted good too :-)
Have to add here; my teen boy rather enjoys learning to cook, and bake, his favourite foods.  Jay currently enjoys making Cowboy Casserole and cafe styled BLATs ... he's keen to master scones, and lemon roast chicken next.

Another dear family friend got Daisy, and one of her best friends, Fleur, kick started on crocheting.
(I'm hoping that Fleur will allow us to share a picture of her beautiful blanket when she's finished it.)
Daisy has been working diligently and putting her newly learnt crochet skills to work, to craft a granny squares blanket.  It took her 2 months  to complete and the blanket is now on her bed.   Dn and I are so proud of the focus and effort she's put in to create this.  She's continuing to practise her crocheting skills, and is crafting some squares to make lap rugs.
Leroy gets in on the photo shoot.
Little Dorrit, with Petal & Pansy's backs showing
Daisy took this picture of Little Dorrit.  She is the progeny of Titus, who has been released back into the 'wild', and Pearle, who sadly we found dead in the bird coop one morning in June.
Natural science experiments don't always go as we plan; we had Pearle lined up to be our main breeding bird - she obviously had other ideas ☺
Dorrit is our noisest bird yet!  She sounds like a sea-gull using a megaphone!
LOUD :-)
And, she talks most of the day.
Meet 'Roo.  Our first lamb this year.
As we do not have a working farm dog, we had rather a job to catch 'Roo so we could dock her tail and check her hooves.  Hence the mud on Daisy's sleeve.
'Roo is a ewe lamb, and the result of our ongoing sheep breeding 'experiment'.  She's a Wiltshire / Dorper X
AbaRam is the Wiltshire stud,
and Clementine (one of the first lambs we hand raised) is the Dorper ewe.
We're waiting for the other Wiltshire ewes to starting lambing ♥


reader19 said...

What a great post! It is so refreshing to have a visit with you and your "family"! Please tell your Dd what a beautiful job she did on that granny square blanket. Making one of those is on my 'to-do" list! Two months to do....wow, that is great!

Thanks for sharing those critters! It is great to see them!

We finally got internet a few days ago; so now I can catch up on your blog again! My Dh was just asking about you last night; wanting to know if I had written to you yet! Thanks for the homey post, I feel like I just had a nice visit at your house!

Lorna said...

Lovely to see what they have been up to. My J is often my helper in the kitchen. We made monkey bread together tonight. I will show T Daisy's lovely blanket. She has just started to crotchet this year too. :)

Chelle said...

@ Tracy,
Great to see you're internet-able again!! I've just sent you an email.
I figured once you were online you'd appreciate a critter update ♥

Thanks for the encouragement for Daisy; I'm amazed at the pace she can crochet at - she spends any spare moment she's got with an audio book playing and fingers and wool flying.
Love it when the children's hands are busy with productive things.
Looking forward to your blog light coming back on ☺

Chelle said...

@ Lorna,
Now that's a lovely paw print to find in my comments section!!
Good to read your young man likes being cooks help/crafter too. (I'm going to have to blog hop, next week ;), and find out what monkey bread is in your home)
We saw the post on your girls learning to crochet too - Daisy was happily impressed.
Looking forward to seeing what T crafts with those clever hands she has!!