31 July 2015

Literature Guides ~During the Highschool Years

When it comes to literature guides, there are so many options to chose from to go with the great books, and classic books, that we are reading during our highschool years, but here is what we've been referring to so far.

Literature Guides We’ve Used:
  • Invitation to the Classics ~ Cowan  (we really like the discussion topics included in this book)
  • Greenleaf Lit Guides,  these are Jay's favourite choice for a guided literature course.
  • 7 Sisters,     (also available through Currclick)
  • Progeny Press   (We prefer the interactive guides for these, so the children can type their crafted answers into the guide and hand in a "tidy paper".  Which also means we're working on two skills at once; English skills initially and then on typing up their handwritten notes.  I pick and choose selections out of the these guides that I want the children to complete - we don't do the whole thing.)
  • Shmoop  (I use this site for quick reference for myself - as the children & I aren't overly fussed on the tone used in these guides.)
  • Pink Monkey,
  • Sonlight Booknotes (pre-2012 editions) which are not 'guides', as such, but are discussion notes & comprehension questions.

We do have a few CliffsNotes books and a collection of SparkNotes but they don't get used very much; they get pulled out for a quick read, on occasion, as a fast overview for me.

Another site we've used is Glencoe Literature Library

One of my favourite, lecture based,  guides for British Literature is:
The Great Courses: Classics of British Literature
We purchased through audible during their end of year sale which is a much more economical way to purchase audio books off that site.  

I don't list absolutely everything we make use of, but if you're interested to see the majority of what Jay & Daisy have used in each learning year, scouting through our Curricula tabs above should bring up most of the literary guides we've referred to. 

And a point for consideration: the teen years is when we chose to invest time in discussion - lots of time.  Dn & I want to discuss with the children our personal thoughts, and belief systems, along with hearing what their developing opinions, beliefs and thoughts are on a wide range of topics.
So when we do chose to use a literature guide, the guide predominately is not being used for writing, it's mostly being used as a spring board for discussion.

Highschool years with my children?   By the grace of God, I'm enjoying them, very much!

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