15 April 2015

FIAR ~ The Pumpkin Runner & Illustrator Studies in Highschool

With our new term about to begin, we're getting ready to reintroduce copying an artist back into our week and using our favourite picture books is one approach I really enjoy; choose a favourite picture book illustrator and then try to replicate one of their pictures.

Many of the Five in a Row tiles remain family favourites so my pick may well be something out of The Pumpkin Runner ~ Marsha Arnold, or Make Way for Ducklings ~ Robert McCloskey.
Who knows what Jay & Daisy will chose; I'll keep you posted.
Talking of The Pumpkin Runner & Five in a Row; there are so many extra go-alongs to go with this book that I thought I'd take a side trip and list just a few:
Marsha Arnold's Pumpkin Runner Unit Study
The Pumpkin Runner & Australia ~ from Aussie Pumpkin Patch
Five in A Row's Digital Download for The Pumpkin Runner
And a mom who will be reading Pumpkin Runner to her boy when he's 30 :D

(If you're interested in extra's we have used, and posted about, to study Australia in younger years go herehere for a colour in page,  link to free Map of Australia & book ideas, and an  Australian Paper Doll. )


DeliveringGrace said...

Thank you. We love the Pumpkin Runner and the resources will be helpful for a geography topic at our home education group, next year. We hope to spend a session learning about Australia and the Pumpkin Runner was the book that I have planned to use with the younger children.

Chelle said...

Enjoy your Australian 'geography' tip, and The Pumpkin Runner.
Looking forward to catching your post about that, next year :)

Thanks for stopping by.