02 October 2009


Australian Geography, Australian History and Australian Animals unit cont...

One of the read alouds we've been using for Australian History is Our Sunburnt Country by Arthur Baillie. I've had the Children complete some of the notebooking pages Michelle created to go with this book. It's been a good first 'full' introduction to Australia's history for our family.

We are still meandering our way through the Australian States, creating some lapnote pages as we go and incase anyone is interested below are some more of the Australian lapbook lapnote creating (etc..) links from our files.

Australian Animals & Nature Australian Nature Study Downunderlit Paid

Lapbook Australian Marsupials
Australian Animals Fact File

Australian Animals Paid
Tasmanian Devils Printable
Tasmanian Devil click bright green Video tab
Australian Nature
Platypus Printable
Platypus 1 - Click bright green video tab
Australian Animals Paper Craft
Colour in - Kangaroo
Colour in - Koalas
Australia Notebook Pages (used title page for our project)

Australia Notebooking, mini books etc..
Australia Lapbook for youngers
Farmer Shultz Ducks Unit studyAustralian Geography Unit Study Five in a Row Style. Paid from Downunderlit (The map is wonderful!!)

Click bright green video tab for
Aboriginal Art
Australian Paper MoneyAustralian Flags Lapbook
Australian Memory Match or other card younger years

For Australian Maps please see previous posts.
HSShare - Pumpkin Runner Lapbook  (No longer available)
Australian States & Territorities Review Game

Australian Paper Dolls (again)
Outback Paper Dolls
Australian Guide Paper doll
Australia - Explorers Clothes
Australia - Doll set 1
Some 1920’s Paper Dolls

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