02 February 2015

Early Modern Times: Our Week Ahead ~ 02 Feb 2015

We're still in ramping up stage, so our week ahead contains learning areas typed in grey and nil as the content.

As the children are getting older they don't want some aspects of their educational and delight led interests shared here - so unless I get a nod to do so I won't be including those things in our week ahead posts.

Introductory Week: B
Include a not-back-to-school field trip.  
Continue ramping up academic subjects


All: 1 Thess ch:4: 10 – Thess ch:2: 1-9   & discussion with Dn

Memorisation & Cursive Copywork:
History & Geography

Read Aloud: Papa Was a Preacher ~ Porter
Afternoon Audio: Don Quixote ~ Cervantes (purchase the kindle first to get the audio for $4.99 NZ)
Car time audio:
Famous Men:
Family Book Basket title
Daisy ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
Reader: The Prince & the Pauper ~ Twain (wk 2 of 2)
Book Basket:  Beyond Beautiful Girlhood  ~ Noonan (with mum)
Free reading title for Daisy
Jay ~ History & Literature & Book Basket:
Lesson 1: Foxes Book of Martyrs  (selections)
2: Book Basket:  Practical Happiness ~ Schultz (discuss with dad)
Personal Growth Book
3: Free Reading: various - delight led
Optional: Shadow Hawk ~ Norton (Ancient Egypt)


Essay Questions    (wk 2 of 2 of The Prince & The Pauper)
Daisy 1st literature study for the year
1: GG Yr 3 Lit (1550-1900)  ~ Shearer
Lesson 1Foxes Book of Martyrs pgs 1-73(people), & pgs 74-76 (bible translations) wk2 of 3
I'm going through Greenleaf Guide's literature study with Jay; reading and discussing as we go.  
We were gifted with a free
copy of this guide ♥

Computer Science 101
Fun Maths read for Daisy
Computer Science 101
'Fun' Maths read for Jay

Science (both)


reader19 said...

Sending you a big "hello" and a 'thanks for sharing' message as well! I've been visiting your blog quite often today, getting ideas and re-reading. It feels like it is -4 degrees and snow on top of snow...buried in here! Hope you are enjoying your summer!!

Your friend in Michigan!

Chelle said...

Thanks for leaving a message! Always fun to find comments from you here Tracy.
I don't envy you with all that snow Tracy! But must say your photos are really interesting for us in no-snow ville.
We're enjoying summer - but as you'll appreciate being back to learning can be a little hard to knuckle down to when the days are lovely and summery outside ;)

reader19 said...

While re-reading this post, I saw that the 'essay questions' for The Prince and the Pauper were from Cliff Notes---what a great idea! I never thought to look there for discussion questions! I've bought some little books with questions on some readers before, and am always aghast at the cost...good to have another link to try for commentary on the books we are reading.

Chelle said...

Always happy to onshare links n lists.
& yes! The cost of literature guides/questions can get very costly. I'm always on the look out for 'freely given' literary helps.