12 February 2015

Apologia Chemistry 3rd edition - Link to Dr. Wile's Review

Just popping this link here for others that may be interested:

Dr. Jay Wile's review of the 3rd ed for Apologia Chemistry.

I'm not overly interested in the authors name on a text, it's the content inside that is of interest to me and after reading through Dr. Wile's review and concerns over the latest release -  3rd edition - of Apologia Chemistry our 2nd edition copy is looking better and better ;)
For those looking for the errata for the second edition go here  (scroll down for the other Apologia books)


Chareen said...

Thank you for the heads up on this issue I will keep an eye out for this edition and purchase it :)

Chelle said...

Hiya Chareen!!!
welcome on the heads up.
Hope all is well in your space.
blessings and smiles.