27 January 2015

Our week ahead ~ 26th January 2015

This is my first week of facilitating an educational learning year with two NZ highschooling aged students.
I allow 3 to 4 weeks for us to get all the subject learning areas' clicked back on - ramping up the subjects we call it - ramping up just makes our home educating lifestyle feel like a non-stressing option as we settle back in to academic learning.
Monday is done and dusted and God blessed us with a productive, and yet happily relaxed day. After bible time we sorted out our working folders, listed stationary to purchase,  re-introduced math time, and then indulged in afternoon crafts while we listen through Pilgrim's Progress Pt.2 ~ Bunyan.
Daisy created treble clefs out of loom bands and coloured in  'fashion'  from the 1700's for her work folder cover.

Some things we enjoy doing during the first week of each new schooling year is a stationary purchasing trip with lunch out together, and then purposefully taking a gently-does-it approach with the remainder of that first week of educating at home.

Thinking of all the parents in my space that are getting their families ready for a new educating year; either out school, correspondence school or as they gear up to educate at home.

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