29 January 2015

Current Crafts ~ during audio time

I mentioned in my last post some of the crafts Jay and Daisy indulge in during read aloud time, or while we listen to audio books.... so I thought I'd post up a few visuals of some of the children's current crafts.
Jay is not too fussed on featuring in posts so I always ask first and then only share the minimum; if he gives me an "okay"
He likes to assemble and paint (28 mil) LOTR plastic models for the strategy game he enjoys playing. Painting these models requires a very steady hand and lots of patience. Jay made the board, the figures beneath are pictured on, with Dn's help.
Easterlings with their general, Khamul. He's the figure in the black cloak.
Warriors of Minas Tirith
Daisy enjoys loom banding, and has made a few things since Abigail, one her younger friends, introduced her to looming ;)
Some of the loom bracelets Daisy has made
I asked if she'd make that sweet guinea pig for me
Daisy made the treble clefs this week
Colouring in is, sometimes, still enjoyed too ~ Daisy's Work Folder Cover
 We tossed the above colour in page together on publisher.


reader19 said...

Chelle, I hear you loud and clear about the growing issue about what can or can't be shown or shared on our blog! My Dd sounds like your Dd! I showed her the LOTR figurines, and she thought those were great! Wow! My Dd LOVES making those loom bracelets too! She likes giving them to her friends especially. I will try to post one of the new designs she made this week on next weeks post. So interesting to see the 'busy hands' at your house! and totally respect the call for privacy! Hugs to you!

Chelle said...

Thanks Tracy ♥
And looking forward to seeing what your dd has loomed.
My dd loves making them.... and I'm wondering what craft she'll pick up next once this interest has worn out :D
Busy hands are so important - much better than idle hands making mischief.