01 December 2014

Our Last Week with Middle Ages History in 2014

I opened my folder this morning to our last week of scheduled history learning for this year
Part 34: Spain and England
If you can be bothered opening that link you'll see we have a pretty lite reading week which is a perfect way to wrap up 36 weeks of learning about the Middle Ages.  We could have easily spent two years in this area of history.

Daisy and I are taking a repeat journey through a delight led art/art history study with Velazques and a few of Ruben's more clothed pictures ;) while we go through  I, Juan de Pareja - de Trevino as our car time audio.
We've been through the book as a family read aloud in earlier years, alongside SOTW 2.

Source and Biography about Velazquez
Today Daisy finished up reading  Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal ~ Reilly  , which means all her readers are done n dusted.

Jay is reading a very easy chapter book as his last book for this year: Rogues' Gold ~ Pilkington
I haven't pre-read this book so I'm interested to hear his thoughts on it ...  it could be a ditcher ☺
Since Jay is also studying through Hamlet for Medieval Lit he's appreciating the easier read as a nice change of pace.  After Hamlet he only has Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead~ Stoppard to read, and write about, and then his reading basket is empty too.

Small side topic for my critter loving friends: We are the proud owners of 20 newly hatched poults ... and a new Apple Snail. (Mango died during a lengthy power cut :/  The tropical fish all made it.  Mango didn't.)
Our new snail is called Peachy and is the most timid of any Apple Snail we've had - it's funny to watch her trying to outsmart the fish.
Poults are so much friendly at the same age than any of the chickens or ducklings we've hatched. 
Pictures will follow.
Another day.


Allie said...

We enjoyed "I, Juan" too.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new critters!

I posted a video of E dancing in a special Nutcracker promo show at the mall.

reader19 said...

So excited about the new hatchlings! Welcome, Peachy, for me!! So good to see you posting again! Assures me that you are doing better! I'd love to see some photo's...as you know!
A Christmas time hug for you!

Chelle said...

@ Allie,
so neat to see your comment here:D

Once it's morning here, Daisy & I will get to enjoy E dancing.
Thanks for posting a heads up on that!!

Chelle said...

Thanks Tracy,
You're a darling ♥
I will get to posting pictures - just trying to do our close down sort out for a week bit: then it's blog playtime ☺

Sending back summery, sort of, Christmas time hugs too.
Along with tea and coconut cake ...