17 November 2014

William Tyndale ~ The English Reformation

William Tyndale was a translator of the bible into English who was eventually burnt at the stake for disagreeing with the doctrines of the Catholic Church, and for printing the bible in English - both were crimes punishable by death in Tyndale's day.

(We're non-denominational Christians so the book choices listed in my post reflect that.)

History & Geography:
  • Bibliolplan Middle Ages Companion Text:  Chapter 31                 King Henry VIII, The English Reformation : (Refresher on ch:15 War of Roses etc)  English Monarch of the house of Tudor: King Henry VII 1485-1509, King Henry VIII 1509-1547 (& his "wives" ), King Edward VI 1547-1553, Lady Jane Grey 10-19 July 1553, Queen Mary I  1553-1558, Queen Elizabeth I  1558-1603, The Act of Succession 1533/1534, Sir Thomas More 1478-1535, William Tyndale 1492-1536,
  •  Biblioplan Mapping:  Church of England


  •  The Forbidden Book: The History of the English Bible (2006 edition)                                                    The Forbidden Book is Available through youtube:      Part 1      Part 2      Part 3 


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